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Expanding Horizons
Fountain-Source of Occultism
Letters That Have Hellped Me
Light on the Path
The Path of Compassion
The Voice of the Silence


The Voice of the Silence — H. P. Blavatsky      (All Chapters  27 MB)

Fragment I  The Voice of the Silence
Fragment II  The Light on the Path
Fragment III  The Seven Portals

The Path of Compassion — G. de Purucker      (All Chapters  39 MB)

I — The Primeval Wisdom-Teaching
Passing on the Light
Spiritual Illumination vs. Psychic Illusions
The Still, Small Path
Pledge-Fever and the Spiritual Will
II — Discipline Precedes the Mysteries
Esoteric Discipline
Meditation and Yoga
The Paramitas and the Exalted Eightfold Path
The Initiatory Cycle
Foreword to Fountain-Source of Occultism

Light on the Path — Mabel Collins      (All Chapters  22 MB)

Part One
Part Two
on Part 1
on Part 2
1 — "Before the eyes can see they must be incapable of tears."
2 — "Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness."
3 — "Before the voice can speak in the presence of the masters,"
4 — ". . . it must have lost the power to wound."
5 — "Before the soul can stand in the presence of the masters, its feet must be washed in the blood of the heart."

Expanding Horions — James A. Long      (All Chapters  85 MB)

Script of Destiny
Karma: Law of Cause and Effect
The Lord's Prayer
Beyond Death — New Life
Heredity and Environment
Bridge of Understanding
The Golden Rule
Three Pillars of Ancient Tradition
God, God's Will, and Predestination
Good and Evil
Investment in Strength
Psychic vs. Spiritual Development
As Little Children
Expanding Horizons of Youth
Conscience and Intuition
The Plus and Minus of Regret
Coal or Diamond?
The Six Glorious Virtues of Buddhism — I
The Six Glorious Virtues — II
The Royal Road of Service
Our Divine Potential
Man — Part Atom, Part Galaxy
Theosophia — Knowledge of Things Divine
More about Theosophy
Man Will Survive


Letters That Have Helped Me — William. Q. Judge      (All Chapters  135 MB)

Volume 1:   Preface / Foreword   Letters, Part 1   Letters, Part 2
Volume 2:   Letters, Part 1   Letters, Part 2   Extracts   An Occult Novel   W. Q. J. Biography

Fountain-Source of Occultism — G. de Purucker      (All Chapters  670 MB)

Sections:   01   02   03a   03b   04a   04b   05a   05b   06a   06b   07a   07b   07c   08a   08b   09   10a   10b   11a   11b   12a   12b
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