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SUNRISE: Theosophic Perspectives

Published 1951-2007, SUNRISE presents a wide spectrum of thought-provoking articles on scientific, religious, and philosophic themes in the light of ancient and modern theosophy and its application to daily experience. Founded by James A. Long to promote better understanding among all peoples.

SUNRISE Online includes complete issues from October 1996 to Fall 2007 as well as several hundred articles from earlier issues, accessible by author, date, subject, and topic.

Back Issues: 6 x 9, 32 pages, (volumes begin with October). Single copies: $3.00. Postage: $1.35 first copy/ $.35 each additional copy.

Special Issues: 6 x 9, most 64 pages. Single copies: $4.00 unless noted. Postage: $1.75 first copy/ $.75 each additional copy.

Many Special Issues can be viewed Online

1975 Special HPB Issue
1976 Creation Myths in World Traditions
1977 Man in Cosmos, Cosmos in Man
1978 Spiritual Rebirth
1979 Mind in Man, Cosmic and Human
1980 Sleep, Death, and Rebirth
1982 The Still, Small Path
1983 Karma: Recorder, Awakener, Friend
1984 Theosophy
1985 Reincarnation
1985 Helena Petrovna Blavatsky ($3.00)
1986 The Search for Truth
1987 Brotherhood and the Oneness of Life
1988 The Secret Doctrine of the Ages
1989 Theosophy Today and Tomorrow
1990 One in Essence, Manifold in Form
1991 HPB, Theosophy, and The Theosophical Society ($6.00)
1992 On the Human Condition
1993 Fundamental Spiritual Concerns
1993 Parliament of the World's Religions
1994 The Challenge of Being Human
1995 Evolution: Miracle of Being and Becoming
1996 William Quan Judge (1851-1896) ($6.50)
1997 Cycles: Wheels within Wheels
1997 H. P. Blavatsky ($3.00)
1998 Katherine Tingley ($7.00)
1999 The Wisdom Tradition of Humanity
2000 Gottfried de Purucker ($6.00)
2001 Powers Innate in Man and Cosmos
2002 The Mysteries of Consciousness
2003 Modern Science, Ancient Wisdom
2004 The Great Chain of Being
2005 The Sacred in Our Lives
2006 How Do We Know?

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