The Dialogues of G. de Purucker

Supplement to KTMG Papers: Thirty-five

August 10, 1937

Heart Illumines the Brain

G. de P. — In the first place, I wish to call your attention to the extremely paradoxical character of all our teachings. The brain-mind of man, sensing the paradox, not understanding, or misunderstanding, says: "Contradiction!" The intuitive ordinary man says: "Why, this is extraordinary. The teachings, each one, seem to be consistent. Surely there is some connecting link of reason." The initiate or the highly developed intuitional man sees the truth instantly. For him there is no longer a paradox; it is simply a flash of understanding light.

In the second place, I wish to say that the heart — the physical organ, not the symbol — is the organ of the spiritual man in the physical body by means of a ray from the spiritual monad in the human physical vehicle. Therefore it can be called several things: the organ of the reincarnating ego; the organ of the personal man; again, it can be called the organ of life, for it is the center of life of the physical body. It is from the heart that stream upward into the brain the rays illumining the mind, touching the pineal gland, setting it into rapid psychic vibration, and thus casting instantly over the akasa inside the skull a brilliant glory, so that to the Eye of Siva when the heart illuminates the brain through the pineal gland the entire contents of the skull are glowing, radiating, with light, so much so that in cases of ecstasy, as the Christians say, the light streams out forming a nimbus around the head and shoulders.

Now why is the heart the physical organ of the personal man as well as of the spiritual or individual man? Because it is the organ of the human monad. Similarly, the liver and spleen are the organs of the astral-vital or human animal monad, a child of globe D. I won't go farther than that. This last statement should be a key to you. I will add this, however, that every important organ in the human body is the representative in that body and functioning for it of one of the monads in the composite human constitution. You will remember how many hundreds of times you have heard me repeat: man is a composite entity formed of different monads collaborating in the complete septenary entity to give him his septenary constitution. Man is a little world drawing all he is from the greater world in which he lives and moves and has his being.

Next, in the future, far far beyond the end of the seventh round of the present chain-manvantara, far far into the future, into the future so distant that I don't even care to attempt to define it, the form in which what is now the human being will imbody itself will be a globular or circular form. Call it a globe of glory, a globe of fluid, liquid light. The center or focus of this living globe will conjoin into one what now are two organs, to wit, heart and brain. At a still later date, when our destiny shall have been reached, when we become sun entities in the deeps of space, we shall then be as Father Sun now is. The heart of Father Sun, using the word heart in the sense of the focal life-intelligence center, is at once heart and brain, in other words spirituality and intellection or intellect. The two have conjoined, more accurately have reunited into one, and this will be not because what are now our present physical brain and heart shall move together and coalesce, but because of the fact of the heart's being septenary itself as the organ on this plane of the human monad, all the septenary parts of that monad will then be expressing themselves as a septenary entity. That thought is something I have often tried to explain — not so much the particular fact of heart and brain becoming one, but the fact that there are different monads in the human constitution collaborating to make the human constitution. But that particular monad which is the most important to us as human individuals is the monad we have agreed to call the human. It itself is septenary. It itself has its inner god, and all the other attributes of the other septenary qualities, powers, functions.

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