The Esoteric Tradition

    by G. de Purucker
     3rd and Revised Edition © 2011 by Theosophical University Press.

Audio Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Theosophy: The Mother of Religions, Philosophies, and Esoteric Sciences
Chapter 2: Allegory and Mystical Symbolism
Chapter 3: Worlds Visible and Invisible
Chapter 4: How the One Becomes the Many
Chapter 5: Monads, Souls, and Atoms
Chapter 6: The Evolutionary Pathway to the Gods
Chapter 7: On the Evolution of Human and Animal Beings
Chapter 8: The Turning of the Wheel
Chapter 9: Behind the Veils with Science
Chapter 10: Webs of Destiny
Chapter 11: Heavens and Hells
Chapter 12: Reimbodiment as Taught through the Ages
Chapter 13: How Man Is Born and Reborn
Chapter 14: "Life" in Fact and in Theory
Chapter 15: The Astral Light and the Life-Atoms
Chapter 16: Death — and After: A Study of Consciousness
Chapter 17: Circulations of the Cosmos
Chapter 18:  Birth and Before Birth
Chapter 19: Great Sages and the Cosmic Hierarchy
Chapter 20: Pneumatology and Psychology: Mysteries of Man's Inner Nature
Chapter 21: Great Seers versus Visionaries
Chapter 22: The Esoteric Schools
Chapter 23: The Secret Doctrine of Gautama the Buddha
Chapter 24: Some Misunderstood Teachings of the Mysteries

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