The Theosophical Forum – March 1936



What is really meant by 'chance'? There are at least three meanings one can give to the word. We all know what is meant by the expression "Shall we chance it?" or, we might say that "A certain person has many chances"; or again, "Do things happen by chance?"

I think the latter is what the question refers to. According to Theosophical teaching, things do not happen by chance, although sometimes it may seem so.

All things that happen, and come to us, are the effect of causes we ourselves set in motion in the near or distant past, in this life or even in a former life. The Law of Karman, as it is called, if this is true, should make us very careful indeed to watch our thoughts, which are the causative source of all effects, good or ill. — H. S. Parsons

Theosophical Teaching does not recognise chance as an isolated event or accident for which there is no apparent cause.

It is either the effect of a cause which we cannot remember, or an opportunity which we may take or lose according to our choice.

Our decisions are the causes of effects for good or ill, which in their turn become the causes of further effects.

The realization of this should inspire us to keep careful guard over our thoughts and actions. — Kathleen M. Beatty

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