The Theosophical Forum – July 1936


There is not a single move we can make in life — no trip abroad, no action within the walls of one's own home — that is not invested with inner significance. Those who are unconscious of it are often battered cruelly, and impinged upon by the same kind of experience from outside, until they learn. Those who meet it consciously, with some inkling of inner Purpose, may be battered also at times, but they learn more quickly, discover its hidden meaning, and begin to mold outer circumstance in accordance with the highest light they are capable of perceiving within. Both grow — but the latter less painfully. Both are on the way to assuming their divine creativeness in relation to materials instead of being slaves, but the latter have awakened a positive glow of will and love, and have begun to cooperate with that One who stands back of, within, beside, and with him as "representative" of his Inner God — until his own spark of that Light which is his source comes fully to birth within him, and shines as a star.

Our own ignorance and stubbornness — no matter how sincere we may be — is all that keeps us from hearing the Voice of the Master more clearly; that, plus the already existent physical veil. The Return is a process of rending the veils, and infinitely much is accomplished when Love, the Light, begins to stir within; because Love itself sustains the Universe and one works with a force of incalculable attraction and power.

Much thought has been given lately to radio-activity. Really that is what man is destined to become — radio-active. "Let your Light shine." Man makes truth so complex, when it is so simple. It is pure when first given out; then man adds words to the Word, piles on dogmas and creeds because his finite mind cannot conceive that anything simple and easy to understand can be a spiritual truth. It could be put into a word, yet no word or words of human language can express it. It must be felt — experienced. One must be it. That is why it is said that man treads the Path only to become the Path itself. And so one might say the great work for man is to become a shining light of God, in every cell of his being, whatever the body he works in — for few can or will accomplish it in a single life.

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