The Theosophical Forum – December 1936


Have you ever thought that there must be the truth about things somewhere in the world if we could only find it? Theosophy is just that — the real facts about ourselves and our Universe. Theosophy is not new. How could it be new if it is the truth about things as they have always existed? The very word "Theosophy" means Divine Wisdom. And of course Divine Wisdom must spring from Divinity which is eternal.

This body of teachings which we call Theosophy today has been given many different names in past ages. It was called the Wisdom-Religion, the Secret Doctrine, and by other historic titles. Besides, every successive world-religion was an attempt by its Founder to put these ancient teachings into a new form. Like everything else religions grow old and deteriorate. Then they must be reborn. In this fresh form they are adapted (not changed) to the kind of people and to their ways of thinking and living to which the new religion is introduced. Thus we see that all religions express the same truths beneath their surface differences.

It is these fundamental doctrines upon which all religions have been founded which H. P. Blavatsky restated under the name Theosophy. But do not think that Theosophy is a new religion. No, it is rather an attempt for the first time in many centuries to give to the world a clear knowledge of that Divine Wisdom which real religion is. Thus Theosophy will eventually do away with the religious quarrels that have caused so much misery in the world. Humanity is really one family, but differences in religion have driven them into war and endless suffering.

At this point someone may naturally ask: "If Theosophy has been taught in the beginnings of all religions why is it that we only began to know this about fifty years ago?" Well, just consider what has happened to the teachings of Jesus. How much of the Sermon on the Mount survived in the different churches? For centuries the devil, hell-fire, and no end of other grotesque doctrines replaced the Divine Wisdom of Christ's message. Of course these doctrines are fading out now, but is Christ's Christianity taking their place? This is why Theosophy is so badly needed in the modern world.

So we see how the Divine Wisdom underneath every World-religion has gradually been changed. It has been crusted over with human inventions and most of these have been actually injurious to man's happiness. But man did not realize that these teachings were there till Theosophy came to point them out and restore them.

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