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The chronology utilized in the historical accounts of the various Red Races of America is in the custody of the various secret organizations which are not only custodians but are repositories of secret knowledge, etc. These ancient accounts of history are of no immediate benefit or value to the general run of layman who is more concerned with the immediate and the now; but extremely interesting to the individual with an inquiring turn of mind.

The structural formations of these organizations are social and political in character and are open to both sexes with equal responsibility; merit alone being the qualifying principle. These organizations of the North are identical in structural formation along with the rituals, teachings, beliefs, etc., with the more ancient organizations to the south and southwest, showing common origin and relationship.

The following given dates represent great and important events having taken place in that period and era, and these accounts are preserved upon stone and stela engravures of hieroglyphical design, the calendar stone of the Aztecs being of later origin than that of Toltec, Mayan, and Mahvanuc in that order; Natyeanuc being the ancestral origin of the Red Races of both Americas. Of all narrative portrayals upon stone and in manuscript forms, the stela form is the real authoritative portrayal, it being of priestcraft approval and design.

Had not over-zealous proponents of Christianity destroyed all manuscript forms of the Aztec Empire that fell into their hands 1517 a. d., posterity today would have enjoyed the full accounts of three great previous civilizations which flourished in America in the last nine thousand five hundred years. In these teachings of ancient history and ancient ancestors it is not claimed the Red Races are of autochthonous origin but rather of migratory basis.

The ancient ancestors lived and had their being on seven great island continents situated where now the mighty Atlantic rolls. The first island sank and was submerged beneath the waves through volcanic and severe quake action and slowly but surely disintegrated the most south-westerly island continent of the great group. From its destruction all present chronological forms have their origin.

This south-westerly island population, the majority of whom escaped from the mighty cataclysm, migrated to the neighboring islands and to the mainland west of them, approximately the central Americas, and they became the ancestors of the central and south-American Red Races.

212 years later another great disaster overtook the mighty island continent empire. Two of the middle eastern portions also met a fate like that which overwhelmed the southwesterly island. Nearly all the inhabitants escaped to the eastward, approximately the northwestern portion of Africa, and it is recognised that the Azores are the remnants of the once mighty mountain tops of these two great islands that disappeared below the waves.

450 years later two more great islands were overwhelmed, two of the northeasterly group went down under volcanic and quake action. These disappeared within a moon's phase (seven days) and practically all the inhabitants perished with the exception of the few migrants who went eastward and who probably settled what is now known as Europe.

Seven centuries later from the last catastrophe, 1382 to be exact, another visitation of destruction overtook a portion of this now decimated empire situated near the central portion of these island constituents. The greater number of these inhabitants perished due to the suddenness of the catastrophe, but a few were saved and these mingled on the sole remaining island continent. It is this last catastrophe which many believe to be the account of the lost continent of Atlantis.

It might be appropriate to mention here that this Island Empire comprising seven great islands, was highly civilized, whose inhabitants were perhaps the ancient ancestors of the high culture that developed on the Nile district, later to become known as Ancient Egypt.

This central portion that went down is said to have been the center of culture and these people were responsible for the great organizations in social structures, governments and political character that built these great islands into a mighty empire. Aristotle and others often mention an invasion into the Mediterranean area from this source and whether it be accepted as authentic or not, it gives added credence to the existing historical accounts of the pre-Mayan cultural empires which recorded upon stone many important occurrences and also in the more legendary accounts of many tribes.

In the year 2782 another recorded event was that of a celestial phenomenon; a disintegrating comet or meteor of exceeding large proportion collided with the earth from a southwesterly direction and it fell into three distinct and separate parts. The first fell in the towers of rock region, probably that of Flagstaff Arizona region, with devastating effects. Complete obliteration of life occurred upon plant and animal as well as human. The other two fell in the east coastal region, probably along the Carolinas coast line and affected the sole remaining island continent far distant to the North, the last of the great seven. The inhabitants of its southern portion suffered greatly from this collision, whole communities were obliterated; it left them in mummified condition and laid waste a large area in cinders and ashes so great was the heat generated in the collision.

The next recorded event is the year 5515 when the last remaining island met its doom through volcanic and quake action, whose site today is known as the Grand Banks of Newfoundland: great numbers migrated to the West mainland down the coast to the delta of the Great River, Mother of Waters (Mississippi) then onward to old Mexico, then Naytye-yan-nook the seat of learning and center of all cultures. This catastrophe is still kept alive in legendary form in many secret organizations of the once mighty Ojibway nations from which all chronological calculations are based.

Many of these migrants remained in the neighborhood of the Laurentian and Appalachian plateaus, eventually to become ancient ancestors of the later fusion of various isolated clans and tribes from this long separation and migrations, only to become separate and distinct tribes or clans. The other factions continued on to the southwest by way of the coast route, and in this way many were for ever separated from their kin and became assimilated with other tribes and nations. Thus isolation evolved new amalgamation and new tongues; cultures still were alive, and many new horticultural additions were evolved in the separate regions.

The next important recorded event is the year 7590 when priestcraft rule became an established faction through the machinations of its more ambitious individuals. A powerful group insinuated themselves into responsible positions and through religious influences ousted the reins of government from vested interests and became the ruling princes and actual despots. This powerful group was foreign in character, and, according to historical narratives had great virtues in the manipulations of the powers of the mind.

After these yellow priestcrafts had gained complete control of the pyramid temples they began absolute dictatorship and mastery of the nation's religious teachings and training and commenced to subjugate and maintain the masses in complete and profound ignorance through their superstitious beliefs, and taught the younger generations that might was right, all of which helped to foster prejudice and barbarism in the ranks of their followers.

Introduction of human sacrifices into the moon goddess rituals was made by these despots for their own degenerative ends. They caused the gathering of all the most beautiful young girls throughout the empire, ostensibly for temple services, and those refusing submission to these priests were later to become human sacrifices to the moon goddess, and many died rather than submit, and found oblivion in the dark abyss of the moon well.

These despots sought to extend their sinister powers and influences into the folds of the ancient secret societies in their organizations, placing within the ranks of the orders their neophytes. The neophytes who became enlightened did not return to the priestcraft but migrated with the members and teachers of these organizations northward, and so escaped the sure and certain persecution that would follow. In the attempted wresting of the secret knowledge from the custodians none of these great secrets ever fell into their unscrupulous hands.

Next recorded important occurrence is the year 7645. A celestial phenomenon in the 13th moon (March according to the Gregorian calendar system about the 10th day); a configuration of two great planets in the southeast by eastern sky in a double star of great brilliance for nearly one moon phase or perhaps five days duration, produced variation upon the earth; earthquakes with violent storms accompanied this phenomenon, and it is said by the leading mentors of astronomy that this occurrence of configuration of two planets is unlikely again to happen except once in five million years.

The center of cultures at this period underwent great changes. Yellow priestcraft with its strange practices and teachings practically drove all level-headed people away from its center, and numerous migrations both to the north and south took place; pre-Mayans, known as the Nahuanac cultural empire passed into the hands of the Mayans and it was during this period that these yellow despots assumed complete control eventually to pass out in a few short years. The pre-Mayan in the three or four centuries previous migrated mostly to the adjacent temperate zone of the north and their descendants spread eastward and to the north along the valley of the Mother of Rivers (Mississippi) there to establish cultures not so imposing as that of the ancient Nahuanac peoples, nevertheless cultures of high order. They brought great varieties of horticultural and agricultural products and introduced them to the peoples then existing as descendants of the last island continent survivors to the eastward. Assimilation continued in many localities, their isolation tending to evolve new tongues and to all purposes new tribes. These peoples of all tribes evidently tried to emulate the sect of learning and center of cultures far to the south and southwest and established centers of civilization not so imposing nor on as grand a scale as their ancient ancestors to the south.

The last city to be built was called Ain-dye-yan probably situated in the most southwesterly portion of Nebraska of today and eventually abandoned approximately around the year 7300, wholesale migrations to the east having depleted this once populous center of practically all master minds, leaving a few families which were assimilated later into the roving bands of tribes and to become ancestors of the peoples now living in that neighborhood. Climatical changes forced this migration to the east, and these are perhaps the ancestors of the mound builders, who in turn migrated southward from this district, now the New England States, and assumed leadership of the already decadent empire of the Nahuanac to become the Toltec of the third great civilization which reared itself upon the ashes of the latest victim of decadency and decline.

The year 7678 began the actual decay and decline of the great Mayan empire. A mysterious malady attacked the population. Also a great and mighty Teacher was heralded in the Ojibway Tribes then known as the Council of the Thirteen Fires. The name suggests the significance of its own interpretation, that of Ee-yah-wah-taye meaning "Behold the Light" and immortalized in Longfellow's Songs of Hiawatha. This appearance of a great and mighty co-ordinator of tribal organizations and Teacher of moral ethics as well as spiritual enlightenment was timely. Once more tranquillity reigned within the ranks of the secret society organizations. Ee-yah-wah-taye saved the social structures of the Ojibway organizations from actual destruction, and also saved its religious beliefs from decadence.

During this period of 7678 to 7689 a mighty scourge attacked the Mayan population. The master metaphysicians after short deliberation and study attributed the scourge to the bite of a flying insect, literally called the flying death in insect form. Those males recovering from the mortal bite were effectually as sterile as if from surgical manipulation, whereas the females were immune from this deadly bite; therefore were all unbitten males rushed into seclusion within the pyramid temples and safeguarded against racial extinction. This flying menace mysteriously disappeared in the latter date just as it appeared in the year 7678. Thus it is that the birthrate was completely at a standstill from twenty to forty years. Many large cities were manned practically by only aged males during that time. The yellow priests continued to hold office until the last part of the year 7730 when their rule came to an end, and the young virile nation from the north took possession and control of the decadent empire, and it is from this date that Toltec power assumed the beginning of its high civilization and cultural accomplishments. They established new cities within the hinterland and to the northern part of the original Nahuanac and Mayan sites.

The next date of 8030 reports the actual end of priestcraft influence, a new belief and ritual ascendancy taking place of the foreign religion that had held sway for over four hundred years. No longer were human sacrifices practised. Ee-yah-wah-taye principles reached far southward and their benevolent influences were felt. All mankind had shaken off the sinister influences and teachings of the Yellow Priestcraft of might being right; prejudice and barbarism were discarded and once again Red Races were free from encroaching depredations and evil machinations from a foreign principal.

The Ojibway tribes around the blue waters (Great Lakes) now expanding in large numbers were able to carry on inter-tribal commerce and communication with the more southerly tribes and once again to re-establish communication with the parent secret organization of the ancients, who are our ancestors, and thus Ee-yah-wah-taye successfully accomplished his mission of good-will. The Council of Thirteen Fires continued to function; all Ojibway clans responded to the call of reunion every fourth year, each delegate representing a district in which this secret order functioned, thus assuring each division in these organizations of new discoveries in the field of physics or metaphysics. Up to the year 8830 the majority of these conventions were held at the present location now known as the Sault Ste Marie district. Since then various places have been selected as meeting grounds.

The date of 8830 stands out in recorded history both upon stone and in ritual commemoration as the beginning of the end for the Red Races in the Americas. A strange race of mankind appeared upon the eastern coastal regions and it is reported as having a metallic body and head-gear of the same material, and so they were named the stoneheads (iron having no name other than ore-stone). They journeyed to the delta of the Mother of Rivers and returning the same way settled in the neighborhood of the New England States and were assimilated into the various families of the Red Races then inhabiting that portion of the coast.

The date of 8830 also records the fall of the Toltec empire into the hands of other virile races consisting, it is said, of those brilliant descendants of equally brilliant ancestors — who broke away from the yellow priestcraft rule and kept intact their great teachings and beliefs for over twelve hundred years and emerged into a decaying and declining civilization known as the Toltec Empire and rebuilt and restored in greater brilliance these three previous great civilizations into a still greater, now known as the Aztec civilization.

Aztecan civilization and power flourished between the years 8630 to 8830. At the latter date priestcraft again ruled and revived the strange barbaric and sinister practices of the twelve centuries previous. Subjugation was complete and many migrated south and north to escape the horrible practice of human sacrifice to the moon goddess, and the plumed serpent rituals. The priests held sway until 9067 when the younger virile thinking males overthrew their dictatorship, and thus ended cruel diabolical practices. This date 9067 is also noted for a coincidental astronomical phenomenon. A collision of the earth and a gigantic comet or meteor took place at the Daughter of the Mother of Rivers area (Rio Grande) that actually transcended the sun even in broad daylight for brilliance and its blinding, dazzling character. This devastating visitor appeared from the southwesterly portion of the heavens and produced quake-like action of earth, destroying life in all forms, though not being as great as its predecessor of 2782.

Cultural civilization of America thus had altered in three major dynasties, involving as many localities as the Nationals involved up to this date; Aztecan power ended with the subjugation and betrayal of Montamazumais in the year 9162 by Spanish invasion and subsequent Spanish Mexican rule.

The last recorded account upon stone is that of 9067. An astronomical phenomenon was recorded, coincidental with priestcraft rule and eviction from power. Ojibway historical accounts whether in mythological or legendary form identically narrate events that are recorded upon stone, stela, hieroglyphics, hammered gold-leaf, manuscripts and upon papyrus-like parchments which escaped destruction at the hands of the Spanish priestcraft in 9162 or, according to Gregorian calendar system, 1517 a. d.

In the narration of Ojibway traditions of historical account, these dates are utilized exclusively for the purpose of initiatory examinations in the higher degrees of the secret organization ramifications, and serve dual purposes in these initiatory rituals, proving diligence, alertness, retentive memory and sincerity of purpose in the embryo neophyte.

NOTE by C. J. Ryan

The extremely interesting references in the above article to the terrific catastrophes caused by the fall of gigantic meteorites as recorded in Ojibway history of the last nine thousand years or so, give positive support to its authenticity. This could not have been considered seriously until quite recently, but the discovery that the famous Coon Butte or Coon Mountain near Winslow in northern Arizona, now called Meteor Crater, was really created by the impact of a gigantic meteorite or a small comet at some distant period absolutely confirms the historical record. Meteor Crater is more than three-quarters of a mile in diameter and about 600 feet deep, and the terrific impact of a body capable of producing such a prodigy must have destroyed every living being for an area of perhaps many thousands of square miles. Even the comparatively small meteorite (40,000 tons) that fell in the wilderness of Siberia on July 30, 1908, and which was felt a thousand miles away, did enormous destruction within a circle of fifty to sixty miles in diameter.

According to the Indian writer, Nowataye, one terrific meteoric fall happened 6960 years ago, and another, less serious, 615 years ago. A part of the first fell in the "Flagstaff region" in Arizona (which is not far from Meteor Crater) and its location might reasonably be included in that general term. Other parts, he says, "probably fell along the Carolinas coast line," which is exactly where many scientists think that several gigantic meteorites or small comets struck and produced certain unexplained geographical features, though there is no unanimous agreement on the point.

What guesses has science made as to the age of the Meteor Crater in Arizona? Some say it fell 650 years ago when (according to Dr. Douglas's tree-ring dating system) some unknown catastrophe destroyed the civilization of that neighborhood, but there are difficulties in accepting such a recent date. A venerable cedar growing on the rim of the crater is estimated to be much older. From the evidence of volcanic ashes found in the central lake — which probably came from some neighboring volcano more than a thousand years ago, the Meteor Crater must be older than that, and various authorities have suggested that the great crash must have taken place somewhere between two thousand and seventy-five thousand years ago! This is not very satisfactory but it leaves no scientific reason to claim that the Ojibway record of 6960 years as mentioned is exaggerated. As this historical record indicates the northern Arizona region as the place of one of the falls, and circumstantially mentions the terifically destructive heat — just what caused the greatest destruction lately in Siberia — and as northern Arizona is the locality of Meteor Crater, is it not probable that the date has been handed down as accurately as the other facts?

The second catastrophe which the Ojibway record mentions, happened 615 years ago or 9067 years after its first historical date, and was not so widespread as the first. As the record speaks of this having occurred in the "Rio Grande area" (rather a vague term), it does not seem likely that it refers to the Meteor Crater, for the latter is nearly two hundred miles west of the upper waters of the river. Besides, the time is too recent. Shall we find another but smaller Meteor Crater nearer the mouth of the Rio Grande which will support the record, or are there confirming traditions of a great meteoric fall still lingering in that neighborhood?

In 1931 twelve meteor craters were found in Central Australia, ranging in diameter from thirty feet to 660 feet. The Henbury meteorite, as it is called, broke up into fragments before striking the earth, the larger ones causing these immense holes. Eight hundred pieces were picked up in the immediate neighborhood.

Science has a curious problem to solve in the fact that not a single meteorite, not even a decomposed one, has ever been found in the miles" deep sedimentary rocks of the earth's crust. Have they only begun to fall within recent years? Again, although millions are constantly falling toward the earth, and a certain number reach the surface, probably about four hundred every day, there is no authentic record of a human being having been killed by one. No person was hurt in the great Siberian fall, and the meteor craters were probably made by the nuclei of small comets.

The islands mentioned in the Ojibway record seem to be lingering remains of lands not far from the American coast, probably in the Antillean region, which began to break up at the time when Plato's small island, the last real relic of Atlantis, finally disappeared, about 11,000 years ago.


1. Read at the Fifth International Theosophical Students" Convention, Niagara Falls, Ont, Can., June 12-13, 1937. Nowataye is a native North American Indian. (return to text)

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