The Theosophical Forum – August 1938

THE INNER LIFE — Mary O'Reilly

As surely as you live, and indeed you will find it so, the one who believes in the outer life and has put his faith and trust in it, is still asleep: spiritual knowledge has not yet awakened in him. It is only in self-confidence, in reliance on the Inner Life that spiritual strength can be found.

Self-knowledge begins when a man, trying to hold his mind silent a few moments in aspiration, turns inward to what is holding it. When this holding can be to any degree accomplished, he may become conscious of his Greater Self, his immortality, his divinity.

Where you find unbroken gentleness, enduring patience, self-control, self-forgetfulness and deep and abounding sympathy, you can look there for wisdom. Seek the company of such a one, for there abides in his heart the steady flame of love. He has realized the divine within him.

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