The Theosophical Forum – August 1938


I wonder if you have ever noticed how the entry of some good-hearted man or woman into a room dispels a spiteful or disturbed atmosphere. It may be that such a person's love and understanding of other people and of their troubles have drawn around them forces which work for the good of other people and cast out the devils of evil thought whenever they encounter them. Who can say it is not so?

Can we not help to rid ourselves of evil influences in this and unseen worlds? If your trouble is nervousness, unaccountable fears, a constant undercurrent of anxiety, worry or a generally disturbed state of mind, just sit down and think of someone you know who takes everything calmly; or see yourself moving slowly beside a calm stream. Feel that you are lying on the green turf, listening to a lark singing in the clear summer sky. Think "Peace, harmony, love."

It is only when we try to calm our mind that we realise how undisciplined our thoughts really are, how they rush helter-skelter through our minds, skimming the surface and seldom making deep impressions. Contemplating peaceful things soon slows down the pace of the thought-machine and brings a wonderful feeling of calm.

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