The Theosophical Forum – October 1938

THERE IS NO DOOR — G. Cardinal Le Gros

I looked up into the clear blue dome of the sky and wondered if I could see there the face of the Buddha, the Christ. But a voice within me said: He is in your own heart. And I knew that this was true: that I, like every man, am the expression of this inner, secret glory, the child of a divine parent who lives in higher spheres, and that the great purpose of my life, and all my lives, is so to live that he may draw near to me, I to him, that my part in the scheme of eternal growth and progress shall be fulfilled.

Out of the heart of the divine universe pours forth a glory of hope and promise, wisdom and peace. Why should we not look to this, and aspire? We know that this is true: that the reality is within-above, not here in the objective prison-gloom of material life where empty dreams and frustration are. And should not our endeavor be to awaken the consciousness of all this in others? Is it right, is it proper, is it in harmony with the whole, that we should hug this truth to ourselves, and not share it with others? Perhaps one little word of ours, spoken from our hearts, will awaken in some other an awareness of the divine life.

One feels that from this central fountain of reality emanates all that is; that we and all beings, worlds and universes, are manifestations of the invisible. There can be no separation: we are one with this boundless ocean of emanation: one vast expression of an inner and infinite glory of birth and growth and awakening. The thought is at once overwhelming and peace-giving; it draws one out of himself and makes him one with a boundless self, identifies him with the grand, sweeping all-ness within, about, and yet beyond him. We say "beyond" but is there truly a "beyond" when we realize that even that which looms afar, and which we in this moment cannot reach, is still our self? — When we look inward to the Buddha in our hearts and realize that between us and all the glory and magnificence of the universe there is no door.

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