The Theosophical Forum – April 1939


Try to keep in your thought the essential meaning of Easter as the time of rebirth, regeneration, resurrection. No man or woman, pagan so called, or non-pagan, non-Christian or Christian, can understand the meaning of Easter, the Great Day as the ancients called it, and the symbolic mythos of the risen Christ in all its beauty, who has not himself, at least to some extent, undergone within himself the resurrection.

Easter is an appeal to men to change their lives upwards, to bring out the Inner Buddha, the Christ glory, from within. When a man can do this he is great whether he is known or unknown, high placed in social station or a humble peasant. He is then a living example of an imbodied divinity, a Christ-like man, as the Christians say, an imbodied Buddha as they say in the far Orient.

That is the teaching of Easter. Let us resurrect ourselves from the tomb each year.

     — From a talk given by G. de P. in the Temple, Point Loma, April 17, 1938

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