The Theosophical Forum – September 1939

ETERNAL LIFE — G. Cardinal Le Gros

The fields and hillsides throb with life
     That is my own! The winds, the sky
Become myself, — no more apart;
     And everywhere an answering cry
Rings out! The harmonies of Spring
     Are woven in the azure air;
And life is song! and life is joy!
     And faith to hold, and faith to share.

Do you ever think of the far reaches of space and let your heart go out to them, give back the aspiring part of you to the boundless silence of beauty and mystery out of which you came? It is true: the Reality that we seek is there, — the golden, beginningless past, the richness of all eternities, all that was and is.

It speaks to us not only from the skies. In the flower and the leaf it answers us. In all nature shines the sacred wisdom, beats the wondrous heart of eternal life. Its promise and its peace are woven in the dawn, and its soft tranquillity falls upon the gardens of the setting sun. All nature lives in a constant rejoicing, in at-one-ment with the harmony of Spirit.

Shall we not choose the pathway leading homeward, the way of quietude and love, where breathes a balm to heal all wounds and banish all distress? It is there: the path for everyone to follow, the path of service, of self-forgetfulness, of the finding of the Self, the path to a greater and greater awareness of the eternal life, of that Compassion which is the light of suns, the poetry of cloud and wave, the beating of each human heart.

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