The Theosophical Forum – October 1939


Among the many fanciful stories published under the general classification of "scientific fiction" one is occasionally found to contain an amazing thought from the ancient wisdom. Such is a very short story printed in the current number (June, 1939) of Science Fiction.

The plot is trite — the invention of a receiver which picks up thought currents, with disastrous results to the inventor. But the finale of the story is noteworthy.

"A colossal brain, somewhere in space, and I'm listening to it It's power and intelligence — vast beyond belief. A super-brain, talking by thought to other super brains somewhere — ."

"Cosmic rays? Then cosmic rays are really the thought-waves of the super-brain? But they can't be — it's been proved that cosmic rays emanate from the stars of our galaxy."

"They do! But the stars are only atoms in larger space, and in that larger space the star-atoms could combine to form living matter, thinking matter, couldn't they?"

"Our galaxy, a mass of star-atoms gathered together into living, thinking matter — our galaxy is the super-brain!"

With the above, compare the following, quoted by H P Blavatsky (The Secret Doctrine, II, 541) from an ancient Commentary. "The sun is the heart of the Solar World (System) and its brain is hidden behind the (visible) Sun."

Everywhere — in science, in the pulpit, in the theater, in fiction — the Ancient Wisdom is once more coming into its own Soon the world will be compelled to recognise this priceless heritage, the corner-stone of religion, science, and philosophy, so long rejected.

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