The Theosophical Forum – March 1940


What is it that we can most readily do "to change the hearts and minds" of mankind with a view to bringing nearer to fruition an active expression of Universal Brotherhood in the world?

Just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, that step nearest the traveler, just so does every accomplishment have its beginning. The seeker after Truth, contrary to the average belief, does not make his discovery in the fields of exploration about him, in books and experiments, but within himself. And just so can we attain to that Divine goal which is set before us, by beginning with that which is closest to us, ourselves.

Our journey is taking us to a land of Brotherhood. What was it that directed us to the way? It was the bright light of Compassion and Love displayed by one of our fellow-men whose path we crossed. He was literally a "Signpost," an animated expression of a "changed heart and mind," silently pointing to our own inherent possibilities and the way toward their attainment. It follows naturally, therefore, that our first duty lies with ourselves: the unfolding from within of the Divine essence of Brotherhood in order that it may be seen by our daily associates and act as a stimulus toward the changing of other hearts and minds.

Nature works its wonders in the silence, and so we, even though busily engaged in routine affairs, can be ever silently and surely lighting the pathway around us. The more "Veils of Illusion" we destroy in our nature, the brighter will our light shine, and eventually we will become a "Signpost" to men, more brilliant, more attractive, more vitally potent with significance and influence than anything we might otherwise do to attain our goal.

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