The Theosophical Forum – April 1940


The world in sunshine after rain symbolizes for us many of life's deepest mysteries; the vision of a soul's dedicated choice perceived in the depth of a young child's eyes, the vow in perpetuity which brings to us the Avataras and Bodhisattvas, the moment of decision, after great perplexity and soul searching we have all experienced, the nobility of character that results directly from suffering. All these contacts with the Heart of Things live for us in sunshine after rain.

It symbolizes the inherent co-operation existing between the highest forces and the lowest material spheres, a state towards which the wilful human soul gropes as the goal of its endeavor. It admonishes us: showing us that were we as receptive as thirsty leaf and soil, as poised and regal psychologically as tree and blossom, as trusting and abstemious as bird and beast, as quick to respond to cosmic rhythm as sea and sky, we, as self-conscious beings, would know this harmony an hundredfold enchanced.

For sunshine after rain mystically proclaims the consummated unity of spirit and matter in manifestation on Earth, the blending of energising potencies and material substances in evolution through involution, in Reimbodiment: thus is the Universal Law fulfilled.

Theosophical University Press Online Edition