The Theosophical Forum – September 1940


Look east, look west, at present, in the Old World, and those who respect the gift of Life find horrifying confirmation of man's inhumanity to man, of his ruthless use of skill acquired and now used to destroy the human bodies, which are man's instrument in carrying out his destiny on Earth. And what darkens the outlook and deepens the despair and anguish and havoc wrought is man's failure as yet, through ignorance or denial, to make full avail of all the resources of his nature in meeting this terrible crisis. Therein lies man's injustice to himself.

But the very violence and anguish will serve to shatter some of the barriers between man's everyday self and his enduring Shining Self, which, all unrecognised is the source of every noble and compassionate impulse of his character. We may hope that man will yet realize his high destiny and do what only man can do, what the human race will have to do — keep open the channel for the Forces of Light to enter and fill men's minds with the vision of the New Age, with knowledge of the building that can be begun now for a time when the physical and mental power will at last be directed by the Shining Self, rather than from an intermediate self largely influenced by craving for domination. The thoughts and pictures imaginatively created now will later be released as human institutions expressive of man's spiritual characteristics. Daily resort to man's inner seat of spiritual might, the center from which come the highest creative impulses, brings the only feeling of security and of triumph for the right to be gained at present. It is a source of understanding, of strength, of calm.

And strangely enough, the effort to ascend this pillar of light to man's inmost self, where all are One, is, according to the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom, Theosophy, blessed with greater success in Kali-yuga — does any one doubt that we are living in the Black Age given that name? — than at any other time. In Kali-yuga the high gods more readily descend to help mankind to begin building for the New Age. This is man's opportunity to qualify to co-operate consciously with the Hierarchy of Builders, whose work becomes visible when the old forms have perished — as we see them perishing at present. Hosts of souls responsive to these higher beings will work under their direction.

We have witnessed man's triumph over the natural forces, we have seen his conquest of them for his own use; we have seen the triumph of man in the invention and direction of these forces with fiendish skill; and have yet to see the triumphant use of man's spiritual faculties, which it is man's destiny to unfold, not in any heaven, but on Earth. There is that which can be done to help — at any time, at any place, namely, the recollection of, the momentary spring to, the reality of the enduring Shining Self — rising to which in thought and aspiration man learns that he finds the Shining Self which is common to all that lives.

To those whom destiny has not drawn into the clash and din of actual conflict, who are not dying in the bombed cities, who are not fleeing, fear-stricken, with the homeless, there is an urgent call, a challenge to make an end of man's injustice to himself, to use the spiritual will which works on the plane where things to be have their birth, to ascend the arc to meet, to invite, the descending celestial influences, to widen the sphere of light above the clouds of war, to make a channel free of all enmity and hate, glowing with love and trust and compassion.

How to do this? By resolute recollection, by frequent meditation — the ascent is made more readily with every effort, and demands no sacrifice of duty. The Gods await. Let the answer to their call be "I unify myself with the god within me."

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