The Theosophical Forum – November 1940


In this period of transition, the hour is arriving when the hearts of all shall see visions of the future Our civilization will be seen for what it really is, for it is an old proverb that men see as they themselves are. The combined visions of all will have the most powerful effect upon the coming era which is now experiencing its birth pangs. The pains from birth are due to the natural laws of cause and effect. Even a sore, in cleansing itself, will cause pain and suffering to the one being purified. Let us never condemn even in our secret thoughts the cleansing elements which come because of our need of purification.

The truly spiritual person welcomes all difficulties for he knows that when they fall upon him he has the most favorable of opportunities to accomplish the seemingly impossible. At the hour of struggle, when the odds seem to be the most pressing, the greatest of all feats may be performed — that of conquering the elements of dissension within one's own nature. Such a feat is magical in its stimulating effects upon others.

It is in the intangible realms that lie the potent causes which cast their shadows as effects upon the physical world. Let men look therefore to their thoughts for it is there that the great wheel of karman turns in its unerring course. Let us purify the gaping wounds of discord by exerting ourselves as never before to bring into being thoughts imbodying the elements of love and sympathy towards all beings. Let us show ourselves as living examples of what the God Wisdom creates out of men. Let us show that understanding sympathy which is the essence of Brotherhood. Let us be truly men in this hour of opportunity.

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