The Theosophical Forum – November 1940

JUSTICE RULES — Helen G. Steward

Nothing "just happens." If things just happened there would be no system of planets. Everything would be a jumble; there would be no order, no system anywhere; because what holds good in one place, as far as cosmic law is concerned, holds good in all places. Chaos, destruction, death would be the rule if things "just happened."

But the truth is that all moves in a sequential, orderly manner. Nothing ever really dies, nothing is lost. Everything, everywhere, is balanced. Action and reaction are equal and opposite. Let us remember that the aggressor of today is but the defender of yester-year. Old scores, old hates, old debts must be met, must be balanced, if not in this life then in a succeeding earth-incarnation. Fundamentally, perfect justice rules the world. We should hold tightly in our hearts to this fundamental idea: out of the welter of seeming injustice something better, finer, nobler will be born; some thing, some lesson or lessons the world needs will be born out of the seemingly impossible situation stalking abroad today on this stage called Life.

Remember too that nothing can come to us either for good or for ill but what is ours: ours to be met, ours to be repaid, ours to conquer, but never ours to "get even with." "Hatred ceaseth never by hatred, hatred ceaseth by love" — uttered centuries ago is still applicable today.

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