The Theosophical Forum – December 1940


Those who measure the practical importance and the essential value of a movement in terms of money and a huge membership, fail to see the vital influence and the progressive character of the Theosophical Movement. Granted, the Theosophical Society is anything but a money-making venture, and its enrolled members are a small percent of the two billions populating the planet. Nevertheless, this international organization, as a human experiment in the study and application of a universal philosophy of life, is demonstrating the solution of the individual and social problems which evidently are beyond the scope of money and majorities. The Ancient Wisdom proves that the practice of Universal Brotherhood is the simple and fundamental means of justice and progress for all men. Only by unity in diversity can each human unit fulfill his destiny by moving forward in his own place in the grand scheme for the perfecting of all humanity in the course of many lives
Knowledge of this larger view of the original and ultimate plan of a spiritual democracy, so changes the minds and hearts of men that they progress by natural evolution instead of by unnatural revolution. "Where there is no vision, the people perish " Study Theosophy if you would read the deeper meaning of the chaotic signs of the times! — Lydia Ross

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