The Theosophical Forum – January 1941

WHAT THEOSOPHY MEANS TO ME — Margaret Adams Faulconer

Theosophyis a comprehensive answer to the questions which arise in us all at times of great exaltation or trouble. It explains our awe at beauty and satisfies our yearning to know that our aspirations are not in vain, but will have their fulfilment in good time. It teaches that there is no unfinished business; that right thinking results in proper action, and that evil brings its own appropriate punishment.

Theosophy purges life of its most virulent poison: regret, and fills us with a glorious sense of adventure, reaching beyond our numbered years. It ties us in with cosmic consciousness akin to ecstasy. Crying for the moon is no longer futile; we may help ourselves to all the starry universe, for of it we are an integral part.

"And the stars sang in their courses." The poet who wrote that understood Theosophy; he must have, to convey to us the feeling of joyousness in Nature.

Theosophy frees us from the trammels of dogma and doctrine which, if we are sincere in our research, must result in Theosophical conclusions. It shows Science and Religion and Philosophy to be fluid, not static, but ever unfolding; as today's theories are nullified by tomorrow's, many times, even so we evolve and expand in our reactions and understanding. Its teaching of compassion is appealing, for without this outpouring of tenderness there can be no brotherliness; and hate and envy are not negative but strong forces which bar all advancement and are even physically poisonous. Unlike religion, Theosophy imbues us with a great necessity to share the sense of freedom with others. Religion has its missionaries, but they seek to impose hard and fast dogma. We strive to point out this above mentioned freedom, the freedom of self-discipline; freedom to be oneself, and exert every effort toward the "good Life" here, so that we may "graduate," so to speak, from this phase and do "post-graduate work" of evolvement as cycle succeeds cycle. Theosophy is a study, of course, with limitless avenues to follow, to develop and deepen our capacity to receive Truth; but the beginner cannot dissociate the study and the practice: as we progress in understanding of Theosophy we find that what we took as something to peruse we have automatically made a habit of living.

Theosophy has shown me that it works, because it does not require that one go outside the province of one's daily circle of influence, nor side-track any of the normal duties of life, but rather it stresses the importance of being the best possible, responsible person, in attitude, faithfulness, etc., right in that sphere where we find ourselves. Many times a religion interests people because it furnishes an excuse for chucking the hum-drum, daily duties. But that will never help us to grow, and others watching for the effects of a newly acquired philosophy are unfavorably impressed when the student neglects his immediate responsibilities.

To sum up:

(a) Theosophy is the science, philosophy, and religion combined which every thinking man needs to keep balanced in this muddled world.

(b) Theosophy tells us why we are here and helps us to prepare for the next step in our evolution.

(c) Theosophy points to a possible "heaven" on earth if only all mankind could feel and practise the tender compassion it teaches.

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