The Theosophical Forum – March 1941



Are we to think that stars complain
And deem their lives are lived in vain
Because they may not have their way
In some celestial roundelay?
One wonders, too, if comets free
To roam throughout a Galaxy
Give second thought to where to dine,
And what the food, and what the wine.


Are we to feel at sea and lost
While now confronted with the cost
Of old misdeeds that slipped our mind,
Perhaps through aeons left behind?
Must we bemoan our several lot
Because the causes are forgot,
Or hold that Chance has played a prank
And happenstance is all to thank?


Know you our thoughts and deeds done here,
Once death has closed one's earth career,
Are amplified a thousandfold lb]

And dwelt upon, in their same mould?
Think you that thoughts of love or hate
Are left behind at Death's wide gate,
Or that Oblivion sets a seal
On seeds of woe or seeds of weal,
Or that forgiveness wipes away
The Law's infringements any day?

Theosophical University Press Online Edition