The Theosophical Forum – September 1941

"EVERESTS OF THE SPIRIT" — Irene R. Ponsonby

Frequent question, and a pertinent one, amid the present psychological chaos and physical conflict, is: Why, if the Great Ones come, or are sent, to humanity in time of need, does not a Master — a Christ, or a Buddha — come to the World now?

All the answers to this query are based on certain indisputable facts such as, that the Great Ones come only at the right and proper time and in conjunction with certain cycles — in periods of ignorance and "spiritual barrenness'; that the Sages and Seers can do their specific work for humanity more effectively now far from the arena of conflict and in the seclusion of their retreats; and that were a Christ or Buddha to come among men with his age-old truths, he would probably be imprisoned for reasons entirely divorced from guilt on his part. But while these statements are perfectly true, the deductions they point and emphasize are of still greater significance.

To the informed observer it is obvious that this is no time of "spiritual barrenness," despite the dreadful toll of human suffering and misery. On the contrary, materialism is swiftly and definitely waning, and the danger of psychism, while it menaces, is not great while psychic manifestation must take a physical outlet. The advent of the Theosophical Society in 1875 and its subsequent development under the guidance of wise leaders has insured a wholesome channel for and secure link with the Wisdom-Religion of the Ages and the sanctuary of the Sages and Seers. Through this vehicle truths withheld from public discussion for a thousand years or more, are being promulgated, and coincidently, the very tragedy of world-conditions preparing the soil most fertile to it, a "stirring of the spirit" or a "new spiritual environment" is to be sensed springing up everywhere. This is a state totally opposed to that of spiritual stagnation and impotence which causes the desolate call of the soul-starved to bring forth a Great Teacher.

Therefore, today, it is for awakened men and women, possessors of this renewed wealth of truth, individually and collectively to evoke from themselves, through the application of their knowledge, the wisdom, the strength, and the individual leadership they look to a Sage to bring them.

A Christ or a Buddha coming would fulfill his mission irrespective of persecution or opposition, just as Jesus, H. P. Blavatsky, and the other Teachers did, but the main part of that mission would be to give vitality to the ancient teachings and to direct individual and collective human development. These factors are actively present in the world today.

Suffering is shattering illusion and self-satisfaction; sorrow is baring men's hearts and minds to the reception of truth, and the almost universal woe is adding urgency to effort. These are tragic but fructifying elements and they will not be denied. Danger unites: here too conditions we abhor are effectively working toward the ultimate good. Lack of unity in aim and ideal is the great destroyer of progress. The Teachers have always united their followers while they were with them; but humanity has yet to produce a body of united leaders each representing his own united people. This is the supreme need of the age!

This is one of those Everests of the Spirit which await the indomitable effort of an awakened humanity — a humanity blessed in the possession of holy truths after long centuries once more revealed; and united through the airways by an advanced Science. The Great Ones are doing their work — - of that there can be no doubt, nor are they estranged or aloof from humanity. It is our lack of integration both as individuals and as a human host that causes this sense of separation. Realizing this our feeble clamor for the presence of a Sage assumes its proper perspective, and, as Patric Dickinson writes:

     Man's Spirit rooted in divinity
Springs on inviolate within the breast
Of Time, and grows not old nor hard nor cold
Whatever cloaks of flesh impede and mar,
Building anew each towering-tumbling world
From dust, from fallen star.

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