The Theosophical Forum – January 1942


When a man's heart and mind are penetrated with the conception of the fundamental and perfect unity of all things in the vast organism of the Cosmos, then he will realize that this Cosmos is the field of Universal Life, of Universal Consciousness, manifesting in every smallest particle of space; and that it is also the field of an ineffable and boundless Love — assuredly not love as we human beings understand it, but that intrinsic character of the Inexpressible, whose nature and functions we can but vaguely conceive and hint at by our human word love. It manifests in the atom as attraction. It manifests in the cells and the other smaller bodies as the force of coherence and cohesion. It manifests in the framework of the Cosmos as that marvelous power which holds the universe in union, all parts in mutual sympathy and harmony, each to each, each to all, all to each; in human beings as spiritual love, and in beings higher than the human as something so beautiful that our human minds can but feebly adumbrate it and call it self-sacrifice for others and for all. — Man In Evolution, pp. 331-2

Theosophical University Press Online Edition