The Theosophical Forum – December 1942


Every new spiritual birth takes place through the pangs of coming into a new type of life; and these new births of the chela, of the disciple, take place at constantly recurring and indeed at cyclical intervals. The disciple is a fore runner of the race; he is a pioneer and hews his way through the jungle of human life, making a Way not for himself alone — although indeed his own face is set towards those mountains of the Mystic East — but for the poor and for the less strong who follow after him. Verily, of such stuff are disciples made; and as the chela hews his way along his own self-chosen path, the time comes when he finally achieves the grade or status of spiritual mastery, and then he becomes a Master of Life and of Wisdom. The glory of the Hierarchy of Compassion begins to pour through his being and even shows itself in his body, so that his very presence among his fellows is like a benediction, and brings quiet and peace, and evokes wisdom and love. — G. de Purucker, The Esoteric Tradition, II, 1075

Theosophical University Press Online Edition