The Theosophical Forum – March 1943



There was indeed then, neither Being nor Non-Being;
Neither was there air nor even the heaven beyond.
What was concealing? Where was it? And in whose shelter?
Was it the spacial Waters Divine, a depth profound?

Nor had there come to be either death or deathlessness;
There was no perception either of night or of day.
Breathed without wind by its own self-power that Only One;
For indeed, other than That, was there nothing beyond.

In the beginning darkness was hidden by darkness;
An imperceptible surging, indeed, was this All.
That One, coming into being, was veiled by a void.
Through the might of a deep meditation was it born.

That Desire which first was pulsing throughout it so strong,
Was the primordial offspring of the Kosmic Mind.
Those gifted with insight, sacrificing with wisdom,
Found in their hearts the bond of Being in Non-Being.

Their splendor was diffused from one side to the other.
Was there a below, do you think? Or was there an above?
There were the producers; there also were the powers.
There was nature below; above, the intent divine.

Who is there who has truly known? Who will here proclaim –
Whence is this creation? Whence was it ever produced?
The gods came hither with its springing into being.
Who then can possibly know whence it has arisen?

This great creation, whence has it come into being?
Whether He founded it truly or founded it not,
Its Overseer who lives in the highest heaven,
He only knows it — or perchance even He knows it not.

           — Translated from the Sanskrit by Judith Tyberg

Theosophical University Press Online Edition