The Theosophical Forum – March 1943


Not all the work for Theosophy is done through our books and public speaking, as every Theosophist knows. The Theosophical Society is a body of thinkers. Should it not also be, more importantly, a body of meditators — people who carry in their minds and hearts as they go about their daily tasks the great ideas which are imbodied in technical Theosophy? For it is these awakening truths which alone can form the basis of a new world order. Unless our world order is founded upon cosmic law how can it endure?

This daily meditation of hundreds of convinced people can be powerful above all human influences. Like an inundation of invisible rainbow light it can penetrate the hearts of discouraged men and women everywhere. It will arouse in them something new. It will invoke in their inmost souls such a vision of human possibilities as the world we live in has never known.

To consider only one of these great ideas which carry healing and constructive power — the existence of the Hierarchy of Compassion. How little the world in general suspects:

That its welfare is in the keeping, so far as humanity will make it possible, of a great organization of perfected beings;

That these beings are agents of beneficent cosmic law;

That the atoms of our stubborn brains are forever penetrated by the divine akaia;

That this akasa is the living essence of a celestial Hierarch — a sustaining nourishment and an abiding inspiration for our better natures;

That we have only to realize it, to live in it, to breathe it in mentally and spiritually to become gradually transmitted into godhood?

We can so fill the mental atmosphere of our unhappy world with these convictions, even if they be unconscious ones, that it will help to counteract in the most powerful way all those dark forces of hate and cruelty which threaten to overwhelm it.

And let us remember always those pregnant words of Katherine Tingley from Theosophy: The Path of the Mystic: "The forces of Light are already victorious." The confusion and misery that surround us are due in large measure, we are told, to the inevitable world catastrophes which always precede the dawn of a new cycle. So even here we can see a great promise which should spur us to united action.

There are many others of these grand cosmic themes for daily meditation. The works of G. de Purucker teem with their beauty and richness. In Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy and The Esoteric Tradition we can find glimpses into the realms of cosmic grandeur which if dwelt upon faithfully can spread healing and peace abroad in the hearts of men.

Is it too much to say that each one of us can be a powerful and active agent of the Brotherhood of Compassion, a co-worker in the cosmic beneficence? For that is what we are if we will but persist throughout our waking lives in confident and devoted meditation upon any one of the magnificent and consoling truths of our sacred technical teachings.

Theosophical University Press Online Edition