The Theosophical Forum – February 1945


The first law of life is Co-operation, or Spiritual Unity. If this were realized by men of all nations, brotherhood would be universally applied, embracing all international relationships, for all men are included in the Divine Universal Oneness of all that is: governed by the self-same law. Man evolves, as does everything in the universe, from a Divine root. He is part of a Universal whole, just as the head, the hand, the foot, etc., are parts of the physical body of a man.

Another reasonable analogy: If Universal Brotherhood were actually realized and practiced by peoples of every country, no more would the different races attempt to destroy each other than would any sane man with his own hand purposely harm or cut off any part of his body. This is true; and what a different world would we be living in if the universal Cosmic order were clearly understood and believed in, its power influencing all nations. There would be no warring as there is today, to say nothing of the lesser but equally cruel evils constantly perpetrated among men.

The word brother, or brothers, generally means kinship, or family relationship only, but the suffix "hood," brotherhood — should bring out quite a different meaning, because it implies, as it were, a Divine Cover over mankind: an enveloping God-hood, producing an identical mirror-reflexion of Spiritual Unity of all that is. It is of course not to be expected that the lower or more primitive races or ranks of men, through their as yet undeveloped natures, could have an understanding and enlightenment equal to that possible among the higher classes. Through evolution and a constant effort for growth upwards, all humanity in course of time will bring forth the God within.

There never has been a country from antiquity down to the present day, in which there were not at certain times Great Teachers of Religion, Science and Philosophy, and through their sacred teachings there is the practical counsel of Universal Brotherhood. Should we not then ever strive in this way to help our kin and countrymen, and whenever possible in warring nations seek to bring harmony where there is discord? There is a universal Karmic law, "As ye sow so shall ye reap," or in other words "Action causes re-action." Many of those who are ignorant of this immutable law, take refuge in their belief that they may ask forgiveness of God for their misdeeds. This brings only a self-hypnotic state of mind. If a man harms others in words or actions, then he must take the consequences brought about through "the processes of universal cosmic harmony seeking readjustments." This law operates throughout the universe or there would be universal chaos. Thus we must never forget that thoughts, words and deeds bring results of their own making.

There is a beautiful truth: Harmony is Nature's law; and if peace and brotherhood are ever to be established in families, communities and nations, each individual must hold in his mind and heart this truth always: that our "enemies" and ourselves have incarnated and lived together many times before this day on our Earth home, and, having set up causes in past lives, through unbrotherly actions, we are experiencing the Karmic results today.

If all nations learn from today's tragic experiences, and develop the consciousness of a Spiritual link between us all, then shall be planted seeds of Spiritual potency for peace and harmony to be harvested. Then will dawn the day when not a man on earth will desire or be compelled to take up arms against his fellowmen, as the knowledge of Spiritual relationship among all men will at last be felt, understood and lived.

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