The Theosophical Forum – October 1945

WHERE TWO OR THREE ARE GATHERED . . . (1) — Sybil Tustin

Where Two or Three are Gathered Together in My Name (There am I in the Midst of Them). This saying, attributed to the Divine Messenger, Jesus, is an occult truth far older than the Christian Era, old as man himself. "Gathered together in My Name" — moved to spiritual unity by the Christos spirit, the divine in man; that is what the phrase means: Wherever two or three so moved, gather together in sincere spiritual effort, the overshadowing and indwelling God will be present. And it is to this overshadowing and indwelling reservoir of spiritual power that we reach upward and inward for strength and inspiration, when gathered together in unity.

Yet this does not mean that in solitude there is no growth — for solitude and silence are great teachers, necessary ones for the spiritual growth of the individual, if rightly used by the Will.

Nevertheless, it is true on the spiritual plane, as on the physical, that union is strength, and in those unseen, but potent spheres of thought and aspiration, such union may have dynamic results. There is a galvanizing power in unity of thought, unity in the direction of spiritual effort, that can indeed "move mountains" of difficulty, and overcome all obstructions and frustrations in the long run.

Perhaps one never realizes the strength and peace of spiritual union, until one has known the lack of it. There are thousands today lonely in the midst of crowds, heart-weary among a host of doubts and disillusionments, who need the renewed hope, the peace, the strength to face life anew, that comes from mental and spiritual union with others. Man, throughout all time, has recognized the need to meet together for such refreshment. But in our time such centres of refreshment have far too often failed the seeker. Yet the true light burns on, sometimes a little candle in the darkness; and if its rays are seen, the traveller through the gloom will be drawn to its light and warmth.

Therefore, wherever you be, seek and find those with whom you can share that light. It burns in the South. It burns in the North. It is in all directions. It burns that other candles may be lit from it, candles that may, in turn, become fresh centres to attract other wanderers in the dark.

Let us then make use of that Christos-spirit, that brooding indwelling power, which is invoked by the union of hearts and minds attuned to one purpose. Let us take the bread and wine of its spiritual refreshment, that we may carry our light with fresh power and courage, until the day comes when its central Sun shall illumine the World with Truth.


1. Reprinted from The Theosophic Messenger, England, No I. Vol I. (return to text)

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