The Theosophical Forum – April 1946


Here is a hint which I have found very useful with my work. As far as I know it has never been written or spoken in modern times before. It is this: Impulse often takes a man off the path of right action, while intuition holds him firm and carries him through his difficulties. Here is the key that will save one from taking the wrong course through selfish impulse.

When a proposition first presents itself for consideration, it is the mortal brain-mind which considers it. This merely opens the door of the mind to the subject. According to my teaching, decision and action at that first impression would generally be entirely out of place. Slow, measured consideration is required. The old saying, "Think three times before you speak" has its application in this connexion. This is the esoteric side of the question.

First, open the door of the mind to receive the question or the subject for consideration. This first state of mind is generally followed by another — that of confusion and questioning and doubt as to which course is best. Slowly consider this too. The third degree of thinking will bring forth a reflexion from the intuition of the higher mind — the soul — that is more dependable. The exoteric saying is thus interpreted in a new way to the advantage of man. The fact is that the lower mind will step in and act, if allowed to do so, before the soul, the real master and teacher, has made its voice heard. The ancients taught this ages ago; and it is one of the great secrets that I have found in Theosophy for the benefit of the world's children.

— Katherine Tingley, extract from address given at Helsingborg, Sweden, reprinted from The Theosophical Path, November, 1925.

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