The Theosophical Forum – May 1946

MYOPIA — Alexandra McLean

Myopia is a defect in vision whereby objects may be seen distinctly only when very near the eye. Is there any connexion between physical myopia, by which millions of human beings are limited in vision, and racial myopia, by which existing races of today fail to see each other truly? If physical myopia is distorted vision because of wrong focusing, is not racial myopia an analogical truism.

"Man, know thyself" (know thy self). Is not this self one? Therefore in truth there is no difference, no real difference in segments of that one functioning through the individuals of various races, irrespective of color, creed or distance from one another. The Great Ones in all ages have reiterated and brought to our attention the truth of the Unity of the Universe and all evolving forms and entities within it. Yet we go on and on, each race (or large portions of that race) thinking they are superior, different, more worthy of a place in the sunlight. What folly!

The vision of the world indeed seems myopic to an alarming degree, but humanity's vision in toto is the result of improper focusing; the shortsightedness, lack of understanding and justice in the individual's dealings with his "other selves" in the great Unity of which we are all inseparable parts. It is well to remind ourselves of Karma and its just and infallible workings. Our myopia, physical and racial, did not just happen; we ourselves generated the cause. We but reap the effect, which is again a cause that at some time we will reap with tears or joy.

What can we do about it? In the words of G. de P. — "we must shift our moral center of gravity to ethics, where it rightly and truly belongs, and away from property where it has been falsely placed during the last few thousand years . . . from politics and profit to morals and mutual service." Just as simple as that, yet how positive and unequivocal; and when we have read them our duty is clear. Each must correct his own vision, seeing the reality of Brotherhood.

The whole secret lies in a change of outlook, in a change of vision . . . Once our center of gravity of moral consciousness is taken from prosperity as the pivot of civilization, and placed in man himself as the center of all greatest and primal values, then 99 percent of the world's constantly recurring paroxysms of agitation, perturbation and violence will vanish. . . .

Vision, like all else is sevenfold, and to have the Highest, Inmost aspect expressing a Buddhic Splendor, a Christ Consciousness, through us is a worthy desire. "If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light." Allying ourselves with the self at the hearts of our beings, we are individually at-one with the same self in others. No longer do we see others as distorted and out of focus, in any way inferior to those of our own household, neighborhood, state, country or race. We see them as Gods in the process of becoming, each striving to unfold the glory within himself — his self.

In the light of past history, none of us, not one race, can feel sanctimonious or claim freedom from the judgments of other races. The conditions of now need our highest degree of accurate vision, the clear, distinct view of Divinity at the heart of all, the long range view of what is the Heart of all.

As students or chelas, we are dedicated to the promulgation of Brotherhood, not the word, but the actuality. Again the words of G. de P. who was repeating to us what all the Great Ones have said:

Do unto others — I will put it in the other form — do not do unto others what you yourself object to having others do unto you It is in this way that in due course of time the Buddhas are born, the holiest men on earth.

And another Teacher said: First cast out the beam in thine own eye thus clearing our sight, strengthening our vision, not for the benefit of ourselves, but that we may see clearly to help our brothers. Tolerance and mercy in judgment is godly. Even as physical myopia may become chronic, causing blindness, so with racial myopia, with an increasing failure of understanding. Then indeed we may go into days of darkness well nigh beyond human endurance. Kali-Yuga is an age of darkness, but not to those who develop True Vision. Is there any sure way of clearing our vision, a practical, day-by-day method of developing our understanding and true seeing? When we seek "first things first," when we desire above all else that our Sevenfold Self function harmoniously, guided and illumined by the self that is the Divinity in All — then we will see truth, express truth, be Truth.

"O my Divinity, blend Thou with me, that from the corruptible I may become incorruptible, that from imperfection I may become perfection, that from darkness I may go forth in Light."

And if "in Light" — then as Light: a nucleus of clear vision, understanding, tolerance, and compassion.

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