The Theosophical Forum – December 1946


Change may be termed the motion of growth. It is an enduring constituent within Life, an eternal energy that cycles through the eons, in Life's ceaseless manifestations of "Being-Becoming."

The great first postulate of Theosophy is the "One Absolute Be-ness." This "Be-ness" is symbolized in The Secret Doctrine under two aspects . . . absolute abstract Space . . . and absolute abstract Motion. . . . This latter aspect of the one Reality, is also symbolized by the term "The Great Breath."

Now, growth implies motion, and motion is the very essence of the Great Breath that breathes through and in us all. Were it possible for Breath, or motion, or change, to cease to be — then would be stagnation, crystallization, death. But there is no death, no cessation of the "Breath" of Life.

Change there must be; it is a law of the One Life, by which at each new Manvantara, evolution comes forth on a higher plane. It is also a law in every individual life expression, from the least to the greatest, by which the secret pattern, the heart of the form, comes into outer visibility.

Man in his seven-fold being is part of the Great Unity. Insignificant as he seems if compared with a Galaxy — yet by means of his consciousness there is the possibility of expanding his awareness into harmony with the Great Plan, at-one-ing his sevenfold self to the Divinity that is the Heart of the Great All. By change comes this growth, through eons of effort, learning to breathe through all, with all, for all.

Growth — the unfolding of the Swabhava of every thought, word and deed of which we are the authors! Goethe has said in Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship: "To act is easy, to think is hard; to act according to our thought is troublesome. . . . The height charms us, the steps to it do not; with the summit in our eyes, we love to walk along the plain." The "summit" is our Inmost Self, and to It we should be constantly true. Krishna is reported to have said, "Whatsoever thou doest, whatsoever thou eatest, whatsoever thou offerest as oblation, whatsoever thou givest and the austerities thou performest, O son of Kunti, do thou as an offering to me."

Katherine Tingley gives us these words: "Your spiritual energy grows day by day and hour by hour just so far as you permit it to grow and help it to evolve. It is a force that is very real and immensely powerful — a potent force that becomes, if you do not prevent it, a great wheel of activity in the universe. . . . Dare to be yourself — your greater Self! Dare to leap forward and be something you never before knew it was in you to be. . . . The need is for energy, aspiration."

By aspiration plus will, the growth that comes to us may be and should be — self-planned, self-generated, self-directed into harmonious expression. We are the masters of our fate. By perfecting our sevenfold instrument we help in bringing forth the Divine Harmony in all. The good Law is justice and progress for all; for all is One, and that which hinders or helps any one likewise hinders or helps the One. We are all involved in every atom there is.

Again quoting K. T., "Let us make our every act the expression of all that is divinest in our hearts. There must be heroic determination in our hearts for continuity of right action."

Action, Change, Breath are the Karmic Winds that blow ceaselessly and by which we are all affected. If — in our daily living, nay, in our hourly, moment-by-moment living, we seek to bring forth, to evolve, and express the Inner Divinity, by tolerance, compassion, service, and duty well done — then indeed the motion of growth will be harmonious and we will be sounding our small tone in accord with the Music of the Spheres.

What a colossal concept, one worthy of deep and persistent meditation; "Life is." Growth is Life's motion, unfolding its innate Divinity in ever greater perfection. We are a part of this great Life and within us is the power to grow, to become — what we will.

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