The Theosophical Forum – August 1947


Begin! The field of service is unlimited! — Arthur L. Conger

It must be a strange thing to be locked in the heart of a rose — and not know it. Or to be one with the dewdrops in the field and not suspect the ending night, the rising sun so soon to shine within each one.

The corners of life are blessedly blind. But we are approaching one today which we, as a spiritual group, must try to look around, to anticipate. For this one is our business. We are not un-self-conscious entities in the darkened heart of a bud, but thinking sons, concerned and intuitive; and responsible for subjective, causal action. Already we see the shafts of light streaming across the corner, as we press on into the new day with every step.

What, then, can we assemble in the way of preparation for the unfolding spirit which has been foretold, for the downflow of directed energy and brilliance which will move out the dark across the face of the earth? What causes can we crowd upon the astral light to insure intervention — effective and on time? For the hour is late, and we have the prime responsibility under the impress of Hierarchical planning to lead in the work, the responsibility that ever attends knowledge.

Preparation in this urgency comes in two packages — self-preparation and planet-preparation. And we open them in that order. If we look for a technique in the first, we find three requirements which appear to need incessant attention:

1. Awareness. This is that thing beyond belief and faith which stretches out into expectancy. It is the awareness that a spiritual resurgence of humanity is not only possible but imminent. It is the song of the sparkling river which carries joy in its heart as it winds down to the certain sea.

2. Obedience. Belief breeds obedience. When once the ear has turned irrevocably within to listen at the fount, the path purposes of the Higher Self become audible, and the preparation of a walking, working representative — up hill and down — finds expedition. Adherence to discipline is the disciple's art.

3. Love. How well we know the requirement! And how difficult for us to grasp the moment's love! It seems that awareness and obedience to inwardly recognized truth are all sharp corners and cold without the divine blender, love; without joy; without that spontaneity of selfless action which is the mark of spiritual height. Love it is which is lodged in the individual heart but which by nature cannot remain there since its virtue, its function, is radiation. Ever it seeks Itself in another nook of God. And Itself is everywhere.

It is permissible to open the second package without delay. Because the pain in the body of the human family is so very great, because those concerned with the dissemination of evil energies are so tirelessly active, we must get out there with what we've got — now. We cannot wait for perfect building materials before building a wall. As we are adding to our strength, we are to take the news to those in need, to those confused earnest men and women whose desperation at this time finds no lifting hand.

Although the plan for extending the periphery of Theosophy — and awakening men in the places where they are — can only be known in the unrolling, some things may be said to the question, "What, to whom, and how?" It is patent that the message will carry the facts in their simplicity — the fact of the divine Word within, momently available as traveling instructions for the pledged server; of the gift of the guide-qualities of the spirit, love and truth; of the oneness of all men and things through interchange with the Self, who is God; of man's own responsibility for his present manifesting condition; of his inner constitution and the living divinity in all kingdoms of nature; of the ladder of evolution and his place on the cosmic organization chart — and great privilege, through rebirth, to grow consciously into the light and group usefulness. If its beauty is to be heard above the noise of the storm, the teaching will be made clear through example and analogy, poetry and — silence. And rising from amidst the necessary repetition and repetition of basic facts, we would expect to hear the New.

As the sun is for the flower that turns toward it, so is our teaching for those in need. Whatever channeling we who stand in the stream of love can accomplish is for those who lift their troubled hearts to receive it. Some, through long suffering, have reached the dark hour of despair, parent of surrender; others have awakened, and this is seeking-time for them. We shall find these people with courage to turn their faces to the new morning on every level of knowledge and circumstance, in every place. They await us.

It is through circulation that the blood gets its life out to the far rounded corners of the body, and it is in like manner that the fire within must send and take its light to the waiting wicks. It is circulation we are concerned with, subtle and physical. Circulation of ourselves, silent or administering, silent or answering — two parts silence to one part talk. Circulation of the One Life in our articles, letters and telephone conversations; in the products of our hands, the flowerings of our inner convictions.

In the outer work of our sacred mission to acquaint men with the native joy which is theirs, the open public meeting is of first importance. In these, the simple facts which we have been privileged to learn are available for the taking, and travel without cease to receptive minds. If we would assist in the rehabilitation of the spirit on earth, each man among us will support and extend this activity which takes the loaves from our shelves at this time of hunger. This, and our study-groups which give circulation to the books and an understanding of their content.

Nor shall we forget or doubt the efficacy of the unseen circulation of outward-going thought, the placed causes of all effects. From meditation and dedicated action they stream forth on the lightways of the planet, quietly, swiftly, surely.

It is solemn enough, this finding oneself in the heart of a rose and responsible for its unfolding. But, working together, we shall push the petals out with joy for we are aware of the climbing sun, the Ascendant Spirit, which will assist us.

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