The Theosophical Forum – October 1947


Extracts from stenographic reports of "Mahatma Letters Group" at Covina conducted by A L Conger, using Margaret Conger's Combined Chronology along with The Mahatma Letters and the H. P. B. Letters to Mr. Sinnett.

Letter from K. H., The Occult World, pp. 125-139, under discussion:

QuestionWhy was this letter left out of "The Mahatma Letters" collection?

A. L. C. — This was the first letter sent to Hume, who loaned it to Sinnett, who copied a part of it out for publication in The Occult World. Other letters sent by the Masters to Hume were copied, and the copies found in a bundle of letters in Mr. Sinnett's strongbox, but this letter was not among them. Whether Mr. Barker had some reason for not including this record made in The Occult World because of some question of its correctness of text, or for some other reason, is not known.

QuestionThe Master here refers to the higher force of destiny which he is powerless to change. And yet he speaks of trying to help India rise above the iron stage into a more spiritual expression. Could you comment on this?

A. L. C. — The Masters' efforts on behalf of India are limited by the Karmic Law which they are powerless to set aside. Karmic consequences have to be endured. However, the Masters are constantly making history, but the nature of the work they are engaged in makes it essential for its success that secrecy be as a covering veil.

QuestionIn many respects the Movement did not have its desired effects in India then? Is that right?

A. L. C. — The plans of the Masters which sought to induce Messrs. Sinnett and Hume to undertake the organization of an Anglo-Indian body which would operate to create greater sympathy between the races fell through and were the seeds out of which grew the present civil war today.

QuestionThe Master mentions something about their numbers diminishing (p. 135). Would you say something about that? Is it because some are going beyond the bounds of humanity?

A. L. C. — Either that or turning backwards. Of course the Occult Fraternity includes a number of neophytes who may fail in their periodic tests which all are put through. In the other end of the bracket, one cannot blame those who prefer to go with the Pratyeka-Buddhas rather than remain longer in the world on this planet. However, I do not believe we have cause to worry about the passing of the Fraternity into other realms.

QuestionI do not understand the Master's statement about our thoughts coalescing with the elementals (p. 131) in connection with Karman. Is that a new definition?

A. L. C. — I am afraid the Brother has not quite seized the intention of the Master. What he says is this: "Every thought of man upon being evolved passes into the inner world, and becomes an active entity by associating itself, coalescing we might term it, with an elemental — that is to say, with one of the semi-intelligent forces of the kingdoms. . . ." You see the point? Collectively these thought-elementals formed in the astral plane are cast off by the Masters, in fact by everyone, and more or less coalesce, that is to say join in with the elementals of the astral world. In this sense they may be called his Karma. However, he has not directly created them.

QuestionWe create entities through our thoughts. If they are evil, can they be combated and their force lessened by thoughts of an opposite nature? Doesn't the candidate eventually have to meet and conquer them?

A. L. C. — That is quite correct, and the candidate for adeptship has to face the strongest emanation of evil thoughts and conquer — such as is described as the Dweller on the Threshold in the novel by Bulwer Lytton entitled Zanoni.

Question — Mr Judge speaks of the fact that thoughts come in cycles, and that when cycles of a certain kind of thought are upon us which we do not like, we should think thoughts of another or opposite kind. Is this the idea?

A. L. C. — Yes. The application of cyclic law to this question is very necessary to understand. Today an elemental knocks at your door at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and you slam the door in his face. But the next day at the approach of the same hour of 5 o'clock you perhaps leave the door just a little bit ajar. The third day at 5 o'clock you will encounter a redoubled effort to break down your defenses until you make a determined effort to put an end to this foolishness.

The lunar cycle is next in importance to avoid the reoccurrence of evil tendencies. The daily examination by the student of his daily encounter with thoughts he will find very constructive in making an end of all undesirable tendencies which he recognizes perfectly well, but which he cannot account for. He will find the answer to his search for an explanation in the light of previous efforts in this cyclic explanation of the difficulty.

If evil thoughts are given a welcome by the student, they grow stronger with the acceleration of the evil. On the other hand, if the candidate opposes them by thought he will be placing himself in the class of benefactors of mankind.

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