The Theosophical Forum – January 1949


He saw a vision and he dreamed a dream;
He heard the heart-beat of Eternity.
Through crystal-flooded aisles of heaven's symbol-world
Each constellation was a Voice proclaiming Law.

In the writer's opinion the much-maligned science of astrology may yet go a long way toward promoting a general acceptance of reincarnation. The astrology here referred to is not, of course, the tawdry fortune-telling variety that deserves to be deplored and ignored, but that true Celestial Science based upon immutable Law, and concerning which the modern astrologer knows so little. Fragments of it are extant in the outer world, and the sincere, intuitive mystic may find his way to them — gems of truth disregarded by the professional practitioner unless he be illumined by that Light which the Esoteric Tradition alone gives. Spiritual truth is a sacred trust, and dare not be denied or misused. When this happens, the inner Radiance departs, leaving nothing but an outer shell to stand as an incomprehensible symbol of the vanished Reality.

The skeptics are right in one respect: astrology cannot predict specific events, situations, or circumstances. An example in point is the embarrassment of several leading astrologers who "foretold" the results of the recent Presidential Election. Knowledge of the future cannot be obtained so cheaply. Knowledge of the present is difficult enough to grasp.

But that genuine astrology is one aspect of the Eternal Truth goes without saying, or should; and that its cardinal theorems are based upon inflexible mathematical laws is clearly demonstrable to anyone with a knack for figures and a little patience. Madame H. P. Blavatsky herself stated in Isis Unveiled, Vol. I, page 259, that "Astrology is a science as infallible as astronomy itself, with the condition, however, that its interpreters be equally infallible. . . . Astrology is to exact astronomy what psychology is to exact physiology. In astrology and psychology one has to step beyond the visible world of matter, and enter into the domain of transcendent spirit."

The general pattern of progressive experience in anyone's life can be traced by the unfolding potentialities of the birth-chart; but what the individual will do with such developments no one can say. The released dynamics can work out in literally millions of ways. This must be so because man is essentially an immortal, spiritual being, an agent of free will and choice. He is not a puppet riding helplessly on the wheel of his horoscope — or isn't, once he realizes that he is free.

The birth-chart is a photograph of the planetary pattern which existed when the soul reincarnated. There is an intimate symbolical and psychological correspondence between it and the basic factors of the personal self to be. But that is all. No horoscope can capture the character of the Inner Man, the Divine Pilgrim wandering the celestial highways, himself a Son of the Sun, Child of the Infinite, because within him flames a Splendor greater than all the planetary influences that impinge upon his body at its birth.

But to the chief purpose of this article. In rectifying birth-charts — determining the actual moment of delivery by mathematical calculations based upon important events in the life — an amazing fact emerges. Planetary configurations, measured by arcs of time into the years before birth, correspond with events taking place in the following life-time. In other words, the unborn soul is shown to be linked with causes awaiting opportunity to manifest as effects. The soul resting in spiritual consciousness contains within itself the seeds of objective experience yet to come. From character-potentials unfolds the manifest destiny.

No predestined fate is suggested. But a definite correlation between planetary aspects before birth and the subsequent release of their dynamics during incarnation can be demonstrated with absolute mathematical certainty. The specific form that such a release may assume cannot, in the writer's opinion, be foretold, but the time-periods of the release can. And this seems to him a very strong argument for the existence of the soul before birth; and, further, if one accepts a law of unerring justice in the universe, then the soul would have had to have lived on earth before to involve itself in such causes.

In his research along this line the writer has rectified many horoscopes, and has yet to see one in which salient events failed to measure to significant stellar patterns before birth. Major events invariably fall at logical points in the unfolding key-cycles. Several such points can be located in a given period, and, while it cannot be positively determined at which one of the points the event will occur, it will still coincide with one of them. To him this reveals the omnipresence of Perfect Law within whose harmonies all things, from snow-flake to constellation, live, move, and have their being.

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