Fountain-Source of Occultism

    by G. de Purucker
     Copyright © 1974 by Theosophical University Press.

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Section 1. The Primeval Wisdom-Teaching

Passing on the Light
Spiritual Illumination vs. Psychic Illusions
The Still, Small Path
Pledge-Fever and the Spiritual Will

Section 2. Discipline precedes the Mysteries

Esoteric Discipline
Meditation and Yoga
The Paramitas and the Exalted Eightfold Path
The Initiatory Cycle

Section 3. Space and the Doctrine of Maya

Part 1
The Void and the Fullness
The Boundless in Ancient Cosmogonies
Spaces of Space
Space, Time and Duration
Cosmic Reality and Mahamaya
Part 2
Manvantara: a Dream, a Maya
Hindu Conceptions of Maya
Spiritual Reality and Mind-Born Illusion

Section 4. Galaxies and Solar Systems: their Genesis, Structure, and Destiny

Part 1
The Universe: a Living Organism
Days and Nights of Brahma
Genesis of a Universal Solar System
The Celestial Zodiac and the Birth of a Solar System
Raja Suns and the Cosmic Egg of Brahma
Reimbodiment of a Planetary Chain
Part 2
The Twelve Fohatic Magnetisms
The Globe Zodiac
Auric Egg: Cosmic and Microcosmic
The Astro-Theogonical Aspect of the Cosmos
Occult Physiological Structure of the Solar System
Causative Nature of Cycles
Cyclical Time Periods
Racial Cycles and Yugas

Section 5. Hierarchies and the Doctrine of Emanations

Part 1
Out of Paranirvana into Manvantara
The Cosmic Spirit in Pralaya and Manvantara
The Three Logoi
Fohat, the Dynamic Energy of Cosmic Ideation
On the Gnostic Aeons
Part 2
The Doctrine of Swabhava
Sound, Color and Number
Architects and Builders
The Lipikas

Section 6. Invisible Worlds and their Inhabitants

Part 1
Pattern of the World Structure
The Unrolling of the Cosmic Elements
Elementals, Offspring of the Cosmic Elements
Tattwas and the Seven Senses of Man
The Birth of a Globe
Planes and States of Consciousness
Part 2
Lokas and Talas
The Human Life-Wave in the Loka-Talas
Interwebbing of Lokas and Talas
Monads, Centers of Consciousness
The Monadic Classes
The Triple Evolutionary Scheme

Section 7. The Doctrine of the Spheres

Part 1
The Heart of the Sun — a Divinity
Sunspots and the Circulations of the Solar System
Solar and Terrestrial Magnetism
The Triadic Life of Father Sun
Part 2
The Twelve Sacred Planets
Nature and Characteristics of the Planets
Asteroids, Meteors, and Cosmic Dust
The Moon
Part 3
The Planet of Death
Life-Waves and the Inner Rounds
Interplanetary and Interglobal Nirvana
Sishtas and Manus

Section 8. Gods — Monads — Life-Atoms

Part 1
Who are the Gods?
Evolutionary Journey of the Monads
Life-Atoms, their Origin and Destiny
Heredity and the Life-Atoms
The Doctrine of Transmigration
Part 2
The Cause of Disease
Man is his own Karma
Is Karma Ever Unmerited?
Good and Evil

Section 9. Correlations of Cosmic and Human Constitutions

The Auric Egg, its Nature and Function
Monads, Egos and Souls
The Auric Egg and Man's Principles
Many Monads in Man
Lost Souls and the Left-hand Path
Occult Physiology

Section 10. The Hierarchy of Compassion

Part 1
The Silent Watchers
The Three Vestures
The Dhyani-chohanic Host
The Avatara — a Spiritual Event
Upapadaka and Anupapadaka Avataras
Avataras of Maha-Vishnu and Maha-Siva
Jesus the Avatara
Part 2
The Power of Avesa
The Tibetan Lamaistic Hierarchy
Fifth and Sixth Rounders
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
Gautama the Buddha
Our Spiritual Home

Section 11. Death and the Circulations of the Cosmos — I

Part 1
The Oneness of all Life
The Causal Aspects of Death
The Process of Disimbodiment
The Panoramic Vision
The Pranas or Vital Essences
Part 2
Physical Death — an Electromagnetic Phenomenon
Kama-loka and the Second Death
The Four States of Consciousness
Ancient and Modern Spiritualism Contrasted
The Nature of the Kama-rupa

Section 12. Death and the Circulations of the Cosmos — II

Part 1
Nature and Characteristics of the Devachan
Length of the Devachanic Period
Devachan and the Globes of the Planetary Chain
Sleep and Death are Brothers
Part 2
Through the Portals of Death
The Process of Reimbodiment
Inner and Outer Rounds
Interplanetary Peregrinations
Return Journey of the Reimbodying Ego
The Precessional Cycle
The Potency of Sound
The Four Sacred Seasons
Messengers from the Lodge — the Insignia Majestatis

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