The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 1


My dear Boss,

Going away to-morrow — THANKS to FATE!! The Disinherited tells me you are living in a damp place and that you will suffer from it. Do you live in a tent? Mr. Hume asks me to enclose this slip from the C. and M. Sewer for you. Did you receive Pce Dondoukof's letter to me. M. wants me to tell you to show it to as many of your French speaking friends and my enemies as you possibly can, and to show it to Mr. Ratigan also. He says he will impress you what to do. Does he want to develop you into a Mejium My boil aches fearfully yet I tell you I am a she Job!

My love to Mr. Tyrrell and Struit — or how do you spell his name? My best regards to Mrs. and Mr. Patterson.

Your orphaned friend and — ?
H. P. B.

Just received your 20 Rupees. Oh Pioneer — protector of the "up-a-tree"occultists!

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