The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 10A

{See Hints, p. 153 et seq.}

Publication Office of the "Theosophist,"
Breach Candy, Bombay, India,
5th June, 1882.

A. P. Sinnett Esq.,
Ed. "Pioneer

My dear Sir,

When Mme Blavatsky left for Calcutta she left with me (March 30th) a letter for Mr. O'Conor with instructions to forward it to the addressee during the first week of June, if not otherwise ordered. I was accordingly to forward it by to-morrow's mail but I have just been ordered to forward it to you. I therefore enclose it to you now. Please excuse haste — no time to lose — the mail is about to close.

I hope you have received the two telegrams.

Damodar K. M.

The enclosure was a fastened up envelope addressed to O'Conor. I telegraphed to know what I was to do with it. Then I was told to open, read and then destroy it. Afterwards however you will see that I get permission to show it to you. This is the letter: —

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