The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 128

11th January.

Dear Mr. Sinnett,

I hope you will approve of the accompanying paper, and that you will read it aloud at the next meeting of the L.L. If you could get many testimonies similar to mine, it seems to me that you could make considerable use of them in refuting the charges brought by the S.P.R. At any rate they would help considerably to restore the shaken confidence of many in the existence of the Mahatmas, and tend to prove that Madame has not been carrying on a systematic course of cheating for the last ten years as alleged by Messrs. Hodgson & Co.

I will add one more incident to my story which I know will interest you, but this you must if you please keep private. While writing I came to the second chela who visited us at Elberfeld, and this you must know was the chela who had to do with the Kiddle affair. I was on the point of writing his name when the thought struck me that it possibly [would] be unpleasant to him to be brought again before the public notice. I suppressed his name, as I did this I heard plainly the words "thank you" behind me, and on looking saw the chela once more. I had not seen him since those days at Elberfeld. Do not mention this for I should be sorry to bring him into trouble again, but I feel sure the incident will interest you. I intend also writing to Petersburg to Madame Jelihovsky [see Letter No. 130. — Ed.] to add my entreaties to yours that she should send you all possible details about Madame's youth; the more interesting the book can be made, the more the public will like it.

Not a word has been added to the S.D. since the 31st Dec., but if we can only get a few days of calm and quiet I hope Madame will be able to begin writing again.

My love to Mrs. Sinnett,

Ever yours sincerely,
C. Wachtmeister.

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