The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 131

18th January.

Dear Mr. Sinnett,

As Madame has sent her letter to you herself, I just add these few words.

I am not at all so sure whether it would be advisable to publish in Madame's memoirs our different testimonies of having had communications from the Mahatmas (mine alone would be perfectly useless as people would only say that I was either a "Medium" or "psychologised") whether in fact it would be advisable to bring their names into print at all. Sufficient desecration has already been thrown at them by the public. Is it well to give the public the opportunity of throwing more abuse at them. It is just like throwing out a red rag to an enraged bull and will only bring down fresh slanders and calumnies. It was right to gather these testimonies to restore the quavering faith of many Theosophists, but pray ponder well before you bring the Mahatmas names again before the public in connection with phenomena. Please read out to the Council these few words and see what they will say. Better have many opinions on such a subject than only a few, because if it does bring fresh trouble all will have to suffer. My own feeling is that we should keep the Mahatmas names sacred within our own Society and never breathe them beyond it.

Yrs. sincerely,
C. W.

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