The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 137

[This statement is in Countess W.'s handwriting. — Ed.]

The other day Mme. B. sent a box containing all Babajee's clothes etc. to him; before doing so she looked over his possessions to see what there was amongst them belonging to herself — there she found a book where she is in the habit of having the important letters that she writes copied; amongst those which Babajee copied for her are several from Babajee to his own friends, and being copied into her book she considered that she had a right to read them, as were they private he would not have copied them into her book. He speaks of the great privilege it is for him to be allowed to live with her and that he shall never leave her until either he or she dies [It is interesting to compare this with Babajee's own letters to H. P. B. — see Letter No. 172 et seq. — Ed.] — then he describes phenomena as coming through her and his intense delight when it referred to him or when he could get any communication from the Master through her, (he evidently did not think there were elementals then). In every word he writes, breathes affection, devotion and great respect and admiration for Mme. B. he says that for another century such a marvellously cultured and admirable woman could not be found and he expresses again and again his gratitude and thankfulness in being permitted to live with her. [I would like Miss A. to see this and then give her opinion — How has the great change come? Why has it come so suddenly and unexpectedly? I have all the above in his own handwriting. — H. P. B.] Then comes the most extraordinary experience in one of his letters — he describes the working of it during seven days and nights — and could only Mr. Stevenson read it, he would see at once that his story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is founded on fact.

Mme. B. tells me as Babajee also told me when here, that he has had a great deal to do with Hatha Yog, that he has lived several years among different Hatha Yog Yogis in the forests.

Mme. B. also found amongst her books and papers of which he had the care a manuscript on black magic written in an unknown handwriting — not his, containing most precisely all the formulas and the different mantras to be used. This she has confiscated as being too dangerous to be left in his hands.

Mme. B. says that Babajee's Ethics come out of his Tamil books, some of them are good but others entirely false and in opposition to the Masters' teachings; as long as he gives these out to a few devoted Members the harm is not great, but such a book published uncorrected might create great mischief. Mohini's "Man" is very incorrect and misleading in many ways — and it is stupid to bring out books which will only have to be contradicted and corrected later on, therefore it seems advisable in the interests of the Society, that all manuscripts should first be sent to Subba Row for inspection and correction.

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