The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 139

6, Ludvig Strasse, Wurzburg,
2nd February.

Dear Mr. Sinnett,

Your very sensible letter of the 31st. has just reached Madame. We both of us entirely agree with all you say. There is only one sentence which puzzles me, that "Mohini will have to be forbearing with Madame for a while when he joins her" — why so — what has she done? She will be forbearing to him I know for she is very fond of him, though she thinks that he has acted foolishly. My intention was to remain with the O.L. to the beginning of March, about the 10th or 12th, but if you think it advisable for Mohini to come sooner, send him for I am ready to leave any day. The O.L. is weary to death with ennui and no wonder, for life is monotonous here, but I tell her that she will have to bear it, for as India and London are at present closed to her, I do not well see where she would be better off. Besides if she has constant society, how is she to write. Life is a hard problem to some people. As far as Babajee is concerned, I wrote to you yesterday to use your own discretion in telling of his behaviour to those whom it may concern, only beg them to keep it secret for as he is now repentant I should be sorry to humiliate him. In a Universal Brotherhood, one should have charity with each other's faults and failings, and I really believe he must have had a fit of madness. The lesson he has had has been a rude one and I think he will be quiet for the future. Certainly the theosophical path is strewn with thorns. Now please act just as you think right. If you think Mohini should leave London at once send him here. I am willing to do whatever you advise.

Ever yours sincerely,
C. Wachtmeister.

P.S. Madame says keep silent on double chelaship as that is the only hold we have on Babajee.

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