The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 145

Ludwig StRASSE,
8th March.

Dear Mr. Sinnett,

We have just received Redway's "Catalogue" and are surprised, indignant if you please, to see that he advertises Mme. Coulomb's book! As he has undertaken to be the Publisher for the Theosophical Society it seems to me very strange that we should sell the works of our enemies. I find myself in close quarters, do you not think that the book and name could be suppressed entirely in the next catalogue. I should also like to make an observation about my little book. It was published at 6d. I was told that was too expensive. I then reduced it to 4d., the publisher, Redway, gets it at 2 1/2d. I believe, and I see he sells it at 2s., rather unfair I think because by that people will naturally think I want to make money, whereas if the whole were sold at the price I have named, it would not cover the publishing expenses.

As the chelas have agreed that Mme. Blavatsky is to be deserted and abandoned in her helpless condition when I leave her, I have determined to try and defer that painful moment as long as I can, and so have given up my visit to Elberfeld and other friends on my way to Sweden, and stay here until the 28th of this month. In this way I just arrive in time for my son's birthday.

I shall be curious to see in the Memoirs how you have inserted our different evidences. You will be amused to hear that you have been flourishing in the Swedish papers. A long article has suddenly appeared from an unknown individual — giving a flourishing account and the whole history of the T.S. All the Notabilities are mentioned, and you shine conspicuous among the number. This article has aroused great interest on the subject, and Von Bergen has received invitations from all sides to lecture on Theosophy. This is of course very delightful and charming, but I suppose the "Revers de la medaille" will soon show itself.

I have heard news lately which is annoying, viz., that Mrs. Going, her maid and Mrs. Kingsford have lately been possessed by bad influences. They attribute these persecutions to the fact that they have had some contact with Madame B. and the Mahatmas. They say that Madame De Steiger was tormented in the same way before going to the East, and in consequence of all this I have been advised very seriously to withdraw myself from the dangerous and unholy influence. I have thought very seriously over this and have come to this conclusion. In working for the T.S. we place ourselves under the protection of the Masters, and all goes well as long as we believe in them, but from the day when insidious doubts creep into our minds (as happens to so many) the protection of the Masters is withdrawn, and thus the evil consequences just related occur, and more particularly so with those who have attended many seances. What remedy would you suggest against this growing evil?

Yours sincerely,
C. W.

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