The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 165

[Letters 165, A and B are all in Col. Olcott's writing. — Ed.]

H. P. B.

The Hume — Niblett — Adityaram — Lane-Fox — Salzu party now make their opening move. My belief is that their "Karma" will not hurt us — nor help them. They can't break our hold upon the nation. Their paper may get a small circulation among Anglo-Indians and a much smaller one among natives, and after a while die out. Their notion would probably be to give us a few hundred rupees or perhaps a thousand or two, but seeing that it already gives an average profit of Rs. 200 per month, that would be no object to us. If L. F. will wait to get your answer the VIIth vol. will be fairly launched before any sale could be effected anyhow, even though we should be ready to come to terms. Do you think now that Dr. H. H. has anything to do with this scheme? And that they count upon him as Editor? Send me at once your answer, that I may add mine and send it to L. F.

Tell dear Bowaji that all has gone right so far and I shall finish my long tour on the 1st Oct. and reach home. We will have many delegates this year — but little money to entertain them.

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