The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 176

1 Feby., '86.

Dear and respected Upasika,

I beg to send you herewith copies of Mr. Sinnett's letter to me and my reply to him. I do not know who told him this fib, namely, that I am not the "person properly bearing the title of D. Nath."

Yours affly.,

7, Ladbroke Gardens, London,
30 January.

"My dear -----?"

I am puzzled to know how to call you. You have always signed yourself Dharbagiri Nath in writing to me and now I am informed that you are not the person properly bearing that name. I do not come to any hasty conclusions as to who is to blame for the deception that seems to have been practised in the matter, but I should be glad to have your explanation of the matter and since you propose to come to London I hope you will lose no time in sending me this explanation.

The Countess appears to think you were suffering from some mental aberration while she was lately at Elberfeld but in regard to what passed then, I am not now writing. The tone of your letters to my wife and myself has always been so genuine and attractive that I am in no hurry to think ill of you in any way. But I must know who I am dealing with and why you have assumed a name and personality that is not properly your own — if this has really been done. Pending further explanations, I shall sign myself

Ever yours truly,
(Signed) A. P. Sinnett.
(True Copy.)

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