The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 186

Gebhard & Co.


Mr dear Mr. Sinnett,

The O. L. has made me acquainted with the contents of your letter of 18th and I hasten to say that your visit will be very welcome, and we all think it is the very best you can do. A few days ago the frost too was very bad indeed — I suppose that the four cold days have brought out the gouty formation of Madame's temperament and that owing to that nefarious influence, the pain increased very much. Fortunately since that owing to profound perspiration (Salicylic Acid) and the hot weather which we have (78-82 in the shade) the foot is much better. Then it will take some time before Madam can think of travelling and you will be able much better and much quicker to settle the Memoirs here. Mad. will not hear of going to England, and she may be right, for if she has that idea in her mind that she may be prosecuted, the Secret Doctrine will not go on. The best place for her (cheaper and quieter than Ostende) will be Blankenburghe, near Ghent. Could not you as it's your way to Germany stop a few hours and look out for lodgings? We expect you at any day convenient to yourself and I need not say that Mrs. S. will be doubly welcome.

Yours very truly with kindest regards to you both from us all.

G. G.

I expect Mrs. G. to-night or to-morrow morning.

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