The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 42

June 16th.

Dear Mrs. and Miss Arundale,

If we had two dozen like you two and a dozen like Sinnett — Masters would be with you and the Society long ago. I mean what I say and what more is — I know it.

Listen: try to disconnect the L.L. as much as you can from the H.Q. You may be at heart — one. Try to become two in the management. Karma is taking its course. We cannot help it. But the innocent and the true should not suffer for the guilty and the untrue. And oh, dear, how many traitors and Judases of all colours and shades we have in the very heart of the Society. Ambition is a terrible adviser! Show this to Mr. Sinnett. Let him be truly "keener" in his work, not only in his interest for the Society. Let him not hesitate to sacrifice if needed — friends, myself included. Olcott is becoming a wind-bag full of vanity. But do not blame him. He has fallen under the influence of one who has become to him what I used to be in the days of old. He is a terrible sensitive notwithstanding his big beard. I pity and love him as of old. But he is throwing the blame upon me alone — forgetting his exhibition of Buddha, his flapdoodle cramming with phenomena the psychists and so on. Master will never spurn him, for no one in this world will work as devotedly and unselfishly as he has. But why should the L.L. — the head and brains of the T.S. suffer and risk disintegration for the wild beatings of its heart — the Adyar H. Quarters? Such as Subba Row — uncompromising initiated Brahmins, will never reveal — even that which they are permitted to. They hate too much Europeans for it. Has he not gravely given out to Mr. and Mrs. C.O. that I was henceforth "a shell deserted and abandoned by the Masters?" When I took him for it to task, he answered: "You have been guilty of the most terrible of crimes. You have given out secrets of Occultism — the most sacred and the most hidden. Rather that you should be sacrificed than that which was never meant for European minds. People had too much faith in you. It was time to throw doubt into their minds. Otherwise they should have pumped out of you all that you know." And he is now acting on that principle.

Please let Mr. S. know this,
Yours for ever the same,
H. P. Blavatsky.

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