The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 54


Mr dear Mr. Sinnett,

I have just read Mohini's arguments against answering anything of a serious detailed kind to the S.P.R. I think he is right. Since no human power — can prove to me that I wrote the Coulomb letter, and no amount of denying shall ever prove to them that I have not written them — all the rest became useless. The new trick of Hodgson about some diagrams being traced by Coulomb — is splendid! Of course some were, and by Wimbridge too, and Olcott who tried and failed. I have a number of diagrams with reference to the evolution of the septenary globes and Cosmogony of Esoteric Buddhism, made by Djual Khool and Sarma for me to explain to you, and Hume during the first year of the Simla teaching; and several of them I had copied by a Parsee, a good draughtsman of the School of Arts at Bombay, who could not do them well — and then, I copied them from D. Kh.'s with Tibetan signs and names, translating them and doing it the best I could — since I did not want to give the originals out to a stranger and you could not have understood them — and gave them to Olcott to be copied and one of them — the one I sent to Hume I believe — was copied by Coulomb who is a very good draughtsman — too good unfortunately. I remember how well he copied the few lines in English, a remark by D. K. on the cosmogony — in a way that I was astonished: it was a perfect copy of D. K.'s writing, grammatical mistakes, and all. Neither Olcott, nor I, nor Damodar, ever made a secret of such copies. Olcott nearly lost his head over rings and rounds and kept Coulomb days at trying, and so the wretch, if he has preserved such bits and scraps may well bamboozle the S.P.R. donkeys into making them believe it was he who evoluted the whole theory out of his French head. That's splendid! I wish I could get at my papers at Adyar to find some of D. K.'s originals, then you would see that it is the same, only with Tibetan names. But I shall do nothing of the kind to oblige the S.P.R. I shall not move one finger in the matter any more. If on the lines of exact science, exact (?) experts, and the asinine world's judgment I am a FRAUD — let it stand. I begin to feel rather proud of such capacities, than otherwise. I ask you, as a friend not to satisfy the S.P.R. in one single thing more, not to allow their profane hands to touch one scrap of paper coming from Mahatma K. H. or my Master, NOTHING, NOTHING. Unless you do so, I shall never be able to give you anything more and I was preparing to resume the teachings under Master's guidance. Poor, poor Padshah — he is lost! There's a trial for him! What next? Why if those are their proofs, then they are worthy indeed of being noticed!

Finally the diagram sent to you by Mahatma K. H. cannot be an original copy by C. from mine made after D. K.'s, though to Hume I know I sent one of such copies or I am greatly mistaken. Yours must be (and if I see it I can tell so to a certainty) a precipitation done from the clean one brought by Olcott from downstairs for I see the scene now before me. No one except me could make head or tail of some diagrams sent by D. K.; then Mah. K. H. said — "You copy it and translate the terms." I did. Then I gave it to Olcott to give to the School of Arts — after that I do not remember, all is hazy. But then either a day or two after I had two of such diagrams made between Olcott and Coulomb, and he brought them to me (Olcott) and then they were precipitated not in my room or Bombay but taken away and brought back in the evening.

I write all these particulars that you should not deny any such charge. Simply say — you know how it was done, without lowering yourself to an explanation, to give them the satisfaction of finding fault with your evidence and contradictions between "15 and 40 seconds". Only write to poor Padshah a kind letter. Tell him he is ruining all his prospects — his young life for ever; by not withstanding and having the best of his probationary trial. He has cut his hair and now he is cutting the last blade of grass under his feet. I do feel such a pity for the poor good boy. He is so honest — so earnest!

And now, dear Mr. Sinnett, my last decision. I shall have no more to do with anything coming from the S.P.R. I shall stoop to no explanations except to you and a few friends. I have with Masters' help even — but a short time to live and the work I have on hand is enormous. I have to save the Theosophist, to write and finish the Secret Doctrine. What good shall I do the cause and any of you who believe in me, by convincing at the cost of superhuman efforts a dozen or two, and having the outsiders disbelieving in me as they ever have. The Coulombs and Missionaries have sworn to ruin the Society: they have failed to do so by ruining me — why should I to save my reputation with the few — help myself to ruin the Society by depriving it of the S.D. and its members of what I can teach them? And I will be doing so if I lose my time over the filthy lies, intrigues and ever and daily arising new complications. Those who believe in me, let them remain quiet, oppose a passive and negative resistance to the enemy and no more. The others if we pay no attention to them shall soon tire out, for it takes two to quarrel. Write in this spirit simply and tell them in your cultured quiet and clear English to go to their grandfather — Old Nick. I told you I had become callous — so do not mind me. If you believe, if a few dozen devoted students believe in the Masters and that I am only their humble factotum — and ALL India does — then what does it matter. If nothing can take out of their heads the expert's opinion that the letters are genuine — let them go. Master said last night only — "By showing them that you are as firm as a rock; by showing contempt or even indifference to their opinions — proceeding with your work and duty harder than before — you shall kill and silence them more surely than anything you may say and do to disabuse their minds. The cycle is not over yet — the Karma not expended —". And I shall do so. I am forwarding you back the vile pamphlet explaining but the first few pages, I shall no more keep it in the house; it burns my hands, and sickens me and fills the house with the atmosphere of that female fiend. I shall have nothing to do with it. Mohini was right, I — wrong. He has intuitions I have not. Dear Mr. Sinnett you can turn the laugh on them — do so. But do not touch occult things thinking you can explain them on a physical or even psychological plane — if it is of the Spiritualistic domain. LET THEM GO. As for Mr. Hodgson he may yet write one day with his own hand the following, now precipitated by me as far as I can put myself in rapport with him.

In India I was a fool — in the West I have become a donkey. Theosophy is alone true — and S.P.R. is an old monkey. [An imitation of Hodgson's writing precipitated in blue pencil by H. P. B. — Ed.]

Now this is a first attempt. But I swear had I dugpa proclivities I could forge by precipitation a letter which declared by experts as his own hand writing would lead him to the gallows. And I have spoilt it by passing the pencil over it. I had some respect for them for their earnestness, truthfulness, and honesty at first; I have now nothing but contempt for their asinine wickedness and conceit.

Goodbye, my only friend in England — the "only" for you have those qualities in you that none else has. I shall yet prove grateful. [The whole of this letter is in H. P. B.'s — writing, but it is unsigned. — Ed.]

With kindest remembrances to you both from — D.N. [This note is in Babajee's writing. — Ed.]

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