The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 6

{Bombay, Aug.1}

Tuesday Something.

Your two MSS. received. Well the readers will be stuffed this time and no mistake — with occult doctrine. Mr. Sinnett A.P.'s article, two letters 1 & 2 numbers, Mr. Hume A.O.'s Fragments 11 columns!!! Oxley's trans-spookian elucubration — 8 col!!!!! A criticism upon your Review by Maitland and Mrs. Kingsford — etc. etc. And finally a criticism upon Col. O.'s lecture "Is electricity Force or Matter" and an answer by Ma. K. H. — who is becoming a true penny-a-liner, a proof reader through astral light and what not. Only he is in a very sulky mood just now and I think I know why. Well I do not blame him. I would have stood on my head long ago to have my efforts and services thusly recognized.

Now what are you at with my irrepressible Boss? Three days ago he puts up an appearance so unexpectedly that I thought the mountain had tumbled on my head, and blows me up (!!) for not having sent you his portrait! Now what the devil have I to do with that? Olcott gave his crayon portrait to the photographer a month before leaving Bombay; and am I to be held responsible for the photographer's sins likewise? I like that! I sent for it and got one with the greatest difficulty and he stood over my soul until I had packed and wrapped it up and addressed it to you. Too much love and fondling spoils the children's temper. Won't they catch it both — your Tibetan Orestes and his Pylades for cuddling you like two fools! And won't I be glad of it. You bet my father's daughter is right, and that the Chohan will snuff them nicely some day for all this. Now what do you want with his portrait? And it does not look at all like him, since he never wears now his white puggery, but simply sticks a yellow saucer on the top of his head like K. H. All this is vexation of spirit and vanity and nothing else. You better ask the Chohan to favour you with his picture, and then see how amiable he looks every Sunday morning.

I feel I am dying. Now are you satisfied? The heat and this working 26 hours out of the 24 is killing me. My head swims, my sight is becoming dim and I am sure I will drop some day on my writing and be a corpse before the T.S. says boo. Well I don't care. And why the deuce should I? Nothing left for me here; then better become a spook at once and come back to pinch my enemies noses. I will send you your proof. Last night K. H. said that both you and Mr. Hume wrote about an identical thing and in an identical language he says about the fate of the suicides etc. Better look into it. But then again K. H. with his criminal indulgence says it is better that Mr. Hume should cut it out of his Fragments, since it is 11 col. and yours only about 7 (the two). As soon as ready I will send you your proofs. I had no time to read them but it must be all right since K.H. says it is. But then, he will find good even the things you throw into your waste basket. I am losing my faith in him. Good bye,

H. P. B.
(that was)

You need not trouble about asking me to forward your enclosed letters to K. H. He is a better hand in eliminating his correspondence from within closed envelopes than a Russian official in the Secret Police Dept. I found but your letter to me.

He need not fear my curiosity. Your correspondence interests me very little and I have enough to read my own letters, which I heartily wish went down the hottest place the missionaries can think of. As you may love flattery now that K. H. stuffs you with it, you may perhaps like to read the opinion people have (Hindus) of your "Church Goers."

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