The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett

Letter No. 67

Private and Confidential.

Mr dear Mr. Sinnett,

There's news for you enclosed. Please keep it quiet and do not mention it even to Mohini. Here is where danger lies, not in what Hodgson or Coulomb can say. Here's a fanatic for you of the blackest dye. You do not know yet those Southern Brahmins. D. N. is capable of what he threatens at any moment. he is capable of taking upon himself murder, accuse himself of lying and having helped to INVENT the Masters, of anything. He is an occult Nero quite capable of burning Rome and burying himself under its remains. He says the attempt of this century is a dead failure and accuses ME of desecrating the Masters, and all Europeans of the same. In one sense he is not wrong. Only he miscalculates, inasmuch such an outbreak of fanaticism that sacrifices himself, country, friends all to save his Master'S name — is just that which proves the existence of the Master he tries to obliterate from people's minds.

Well, there it is. I have suspected it for months. The fiend of fanaticism has possessed himself of the unfortunate boy and we are all hanging on a thread. What a triumph for Hodgson if he carries out his threats! Told you all this many a time. Said to you this even at Simla. And remember, things have come to that point that THE Masters are looking on and will not stir a finger to prevent the smallest thing. Karma is raging and everyone has to work the best he can and knows how. But do not write to the Gebhards or any one I told you. Do not for mercy sake, as otherwise you will only precipitate matters. Leave the Countess and myself to act upon him soothingly.

H. P. B.

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